Please help me out! it takes 2 seconds! im a type 1, doing a homework assignment that involves statistics

Hi! My name is Cassidy Smith and I am doing a AP Stat project on type 1 diabetes! If you could please just post your current A1C and how many years youve had diabetes that would help me soooooo sooooo much! Ive been a type 1 for 4 years and my current A1C is 12.4.

Might you not want the A1c at diagnosis as well, for it to be relevant?

yes actually that would be great! thanks!

They didn't do A1C's when I was diagnosed

Type 1 46 years Last A1C 6.4


current A1c 5.7
years with diabetes 6
A1c at diagnosis ~12

Hi, I'm type 2 for 19 years and current A1c is 5.3

DX in 1984 so 28 years (eek). My current A1C is 5.3 although I have no recollection of what it was when I was diagnosed. I'm sure it was higher than that! 2x marathons and 7x 1/2 marathons and a few 5Ks. 1x black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Can play "Black Dog" on my axe!

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Diagnosed 2 and a half years ago, current A1C 7.2

latest A1C is 6.8, I've been a type 1 diabetic for 42 years. I'm on sliding scale Humalog at each meal with a base dose of Lantus every evening. No idea how this statistically figures into whatever it is you're doing , but I'm happy to skew any results you may have.

I’ve had diabetes for 16 years and my A1c on Oct 9th was 6.6%
–I have no idea what my A1c was at diagnosis.

I've had diabetes for 15 years and my a1c is currently 5.5. When i was Dx'd it was around 9.5

ap stat, whoa. good luck with that.
a1c 5.5
at dx13.9
ive had the betes for 11 months.

There were no A1c's when I was dxd.
My current A1c is 6.4
I was dxd. in 1961 at age 3.

I'm type 2 diagnosed in 1998.
HBa1c at diagnosis was 8.4 most recent was 5.4.
Have managed without meds or insulin with 2 hours of daily activity (walking) and using low GI diet.

My understanding, according to the above information, is that you are seeking feedback from type 1 diabetics, correct?

Current A1C is 5.6
50 years as a Type 1
No A1Cs when I was diagnosed in 1962

Last A1C was 5.6. Diagnosed T1 23 years ago.

9 years
a1c 6.0

Don't remember a1c at dx

Current A1c is 6.2. No clue what it was when I was dx'd in 1958 at the age of 3.