Please Nominate a Diabetes Educator of the Year - Deadline 11/07/2008

American Diabetes Wholesalers asked if I could help get the word out about their Diabetes Educator of the Year award. They are a wonderful company owned by yes, someone affected by diabetes, and have donated tens of thousands of free supplies to people in need through iPump. Now they need our help … ADW needs more nominees for their award so please feel free to share this with other lists. Please feel free to pass this information along to other groups.

Lahle Wolfe
CEO/Founder, Inc.

From American Diabetes Wholesalers:

Want to recognize your doctor, nurse, endocrinologist, dietician, educator or other diabetes health professional for their hard work and support? Nominate them for our Diabetes Educator of the Year Award. American Diabetes Wholesale created their award program in an effort to recognize the unsung heroes of the diabetes epidemic and offer promotion and recognition to dedicated healthcare professionals who remain committed to helping those living with diabetes. Nominate someone and they could win a much deserved luxury weekend! Go to: