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Help one of our trusted partners and get paid for participating in research interviews. Click the link below to complete a 3-minute survey about yourself and your health. If selected, you can earn up to $60 per interview. All interviews are 100% confidential, scheduled based on your availability, and conducted entirely over the phone.

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Signed up!

Has anyone else been contacted to arrange follow up Zoom interview to more fully discuss survey questions / answers?

I got called back to schedule an interview. Have not yet gotten the email which I was told to expect with the zoom link/instructions for it, though.

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Yes, these surveys on Zoom are being conducted by Val Pucilowski, a researcher and strategist out of New York for One Drop who is a sponsor of tudiabetes. I did a survey on February 26, which was actually pretty interesting. Subsequently clicked on this one and she contacted me again and when I realized it was her again, asked if this survey would be different as I did not want to waste my time or hers if it was same as the last one. She told me this one would be different so I will be doing another Zoom survey with her on April 20 at noon as lunch time is really the only time I am available to clear my head from business. These surveys last just short of 1 hour and are scheduled for 50 minutes.

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Thanks @CJ114

Indeed that’s exactly who I spoke with.

@Robyn_H - I’m sure the Zoom particulars email will arrive in plenty of time. 2 months ago I’d never heard of the app, and now I’m using it several times a week

Just call if you need the Email sent. She;s really nice!

Yes, I had the Zoom interview yesterday. It was nominally a 1 hour interview but I had enough ideas and opinions to express that I kept Val on the phone a little later than that :slight_smile:

I have. First interview scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I have a zoom link.

I did mine two days ago, but didn’t actually talk to Val much. She patched me through to a much drier/boring man who seemed annoyed to be taking to me. I would have rather talked to her. At least she seems happy to be doing her job. He didn’t actually seem interested in what I want/think is lacking in the diabetes care market, but instead wanted to know what excited me about a generic slide show presentation. The slides literally said things like “we can compile your data”, and he would ask me “what excites you most about what you just read?” How about you give me worthwhile information to comment on??

Did anyone get the compensation email yet? I’m wondering if they go out in bulk after all surveys are done, or if they’re supposed to go out immediately after the interview. I found a Tandem one I was missing in my spam, but nothing from OneDrop.

My interview was two weeks ago, and the Amazon gift card arrived by E-mail today.

Mine arrived an hour ago as well

Yep, I got mine today too, after sending hey an email the other day. She said she “dropped the ball, but thank you for your patience”.