Please pray for Mia and keep her in your thoughts

There is a young college student named Mia who posts on the ADA type 1 board. She recently changed her course of study from pharma to med. She had to have updated vaccinations for this. Her boyfriend just posted this:

Please pray for Mia and keep her in your thoughts.

10-15-2012 03:17 PM
Hi all
Some of you may know of Mia. She started posting here in the summer after being diagnosed with type 1. I'm here boyfriend and she often goes on about how supportive the people on here are and how much they've helped her. That's why I've decided to come here and fill you in on Mia at the moment. As some of you may know Mia changed her career course from pharm to med and in order to med she needed a few more vaccinations, she got some of these last week. Unfortunately after one of these vaccinations Mia had a severe allergic reactions and stopped breathing followed by going into cardiac arrest. This is a one in a billion occurrence. In order to start mias heart again she needed 5 shocks from the defibrillator in the doctors office. She was then transported to hospital where she went into cardiac arrest again in transit needing more CPR and three more shocks. Mia has remained in a coma since last Tuesday and has since gone into multiple organ failure, she is on dialysis and her liver is beginning to fail. In the last few days she has gotten weaker and doctors are telling us that she may not make it to the weekend. If her heart fails, which is a possibility Mia will pass away. As you all know Mia has been through such a terrible time, as have her parents. They are all here at her side with her brothers.
There isn't much hope for Mia, although the problem was not caused by diabetes I thought I should tell all of you who've supported her through so much this year what's happening and ask you all to keep Mia in your thoughts, maybe by some miracle she'll pull through only needing a kidney transplant.

Here is the link in case you want to follow up:

Please pray for Mia and keep her in your thoughts.

Yes her family indeed need prayers. They recently lost Mia's brother to a surfing accident, and now this has happened to Mia.

Very sorry for what you are all going through.

Will not give up yet.

I've been told by Trisha01 that Mia is also a member at Tudiabetes. Her screen name is Type1Pharmie. I haven't been able to locate her here, but maybe someone else can.

wow she has been to hell and back, the poor girl! If not she return to us, may any pain she have, end...very sad, i will pray tonight for her.

prayers going up! In Jesus name she's already healed!

Update: Trisha and I have not been able to find Mia, or Type1Pharmie, here.

Mia's struggle is over.

Here is the latest update from her boyfriend Andrew:

Re: Please pray for Mia and keep her in your thoughts.
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10-16-2012 06:55 PM

I wished I wouldnt have to have posted this update but not long after i returned to the hospital after my very short break at home my darling mia again went into cardiac arrest. The doctors carried out cpr and defibs for a total of 55 minutes but there was nothing they could do to save mia and she passed away. Mia is now looking down on us adn is hopefully happy but I am angry that my beautiful girl was taken from me before our lives together could truly begin. 21 is much to young to leave us and her bright blue eyes and fabulous smile will be forever missed.