Please Report TuDiabetes Website Issues

Embedded images in msgs seem to be broken (at least on my table). As far as I can tell all messages area affected.

I want to announce my local diabetes support group meeting but I can’t find out how to add an event. How do I add an event?

It has been reported that Events have times in the event title but it is unclear whether these times are EST, PST or the local time. It turns out the title gives that PST. We should probably consistently mark title times as PST.

@Jen We just added some labels to the composer and other areas where they were missing. Those new labels are live here on the site, so have a look and let me know if we still missed something.

The composer “button, button, buttons” labels also include the keyboard shortcuts for them, so that should be handy.


loging in then it keeps loging me out and now I try to type in the chat and nothing shows up plz get it fixed soon

The buttons work perfectly now. Thank you so much for addressing this issue so quickly!!

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Hello! This is quite amusing! Yesterday I logged in to see the videoconference. I was on my profile with usual profile pic. But on the chat I was someone else. Another picture and no longer Mari5 but Mari. I refreshed several times before seeing the videoconference but it was OK although I could no longer see the chat and not even answer the people who said HI! What a shame! I guess they thought I was someone else anyway! This morning no chat but maybe it will come in a little later? I’ll now go in and out to see if It appears!

For days, I’ve had a lot of 503 pages but I’m not going to talk about that I’m sure that will get solved. Just wanted to share the funny experience. Best wishes to all and especially the team who is taking care of the site who must be tearing their hair out! (I hope not) Mari5

I’ve been following the word association thread for a while but it kind of complicates things now that the minimum posting is set to 20 characters - not too many words are that long.


The suggestion so far has been to pad out your word with “nonsense characters”. But an alternate approach which may be less visually distracting might be to pad using emojis.

Discourse appears to count characters in the simplest way possible. An emoji is not a single character but rather the sum of all the characters in the emoji raw text. So adding :arrow_right: adds 13 characters of “text” because the raw markup text for the emoji :arrow_right: is :arrow_right: which is 13 characters.

Any word you placed between arrows … :arrow_right::arrow_left: … would be “long enough” since Discourse counts each of the 25 characters of the raw “:arrow_right::arrow_left:” emoji markup text in your post.

Of course, any other other emojis would work just as well as long as the total text exceeded the minimum. For example, this emoji :part_alternation_mark: has the markup :part_alternation_mark: which is 26 chars long. So just by including it you automatically are well past the “20 character limit”. :wink:

Longer term I feel a better approach would be to find a better venue for the word association game than as a forum topic.The reply history of anyone who actively plays the Word Association game is filled almost entirely with posts to it. Using a topic to play this game really is an immense ugly kludge. :scream:


Cannot log on with my Win7 machine running Ex11
All of my mac computors and IPhone run the site without any big problems.

I still cannot change my email address. The field for changing is shown, when I use “Need to change your password?”, but is greyed out and not changeble.The button “Click here to update your email” doesn’t help too.

This is definitely a recognized problem. The will absolutely have to be fixed. If we cannot change our email contacts we will be in a serious sense of woe.

I can’t change my country of residence which is pinned and incorrect. Grrr.

There are some major problems with password reset. I hope @neillll, @Emily_Coles and @mrmikelawson can help us get this fixed as soon as possible. On my machine under Chrome and Firefox I get the following fatal error when attempting to reset my password:

In Internet Explorer I don’t even get the Log-in/Log-out button or the reset password button.

Users have been reporting problems and @Stemwinder_Gary and I don’t have an answer to give users


the last couple of days i have to log back in frequently.

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My profile page exposes my email address…is that only visible to me or anyone? If anyone, may I just delete it from my profile? Thanks.

it’s only visible to you.

Oh LORDY! What a good time we’re having!! wink I can’t possibly thank you all enough for your patience, and for having the dedication and tenacity to report the problems you’re having so we can address them! I know it’s pretty frustrating.

Looking at most recent additions to this thread…

@Jorg1 and @Brian_BSC the email reset field had to be disabled for reasons relating to integration of the two platforms. We’ve been discussing a work-around for the issue and have decided to create a link people can use to let me and/or our admins know when they want to change the email address associated with their account, and what they want to change it to, and we’ll do it manually for them. That link is not yet enabled, but will be soon. If you want to change yours please send me a PM with the new one and I’ll do it for you.

@Pastelpainter to update/change the personal information on your profile:

  1. go to your profile page in the forum (e.g. from where you are right now)
  2. click on “preferences”
  3. scroll down a bit and click the blue link “edit personal information”
  4. you are now on the right page to change your country of residence! Click “update” at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

@Brian_BSC Thank you for the screenshot of the “fatal error” you get when trying to change your password! I’ve called our developers’ attention to the issue. It’s clearly a crucial one!

@phoenixbound I have also called our developers’ attention to the fact that members are still having issues with login and logout. They’ll be looking into it ASAP.

You guys are the best!! Hang in there… we’ll get it all working smile

Thanks Emily, I was able to alter my profile, could not see where to do it before.

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The issue of the Update Password form throwing that mail error has been resolved.

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