Please Report TuDiabetes Website Issues

I can confirm as reported by @Jason18 that members can now change their passwords. Thanks to @neillll, @Emily_Coles and @mrmikelawson for fast tracking this issue.

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It literally took me 30 tries to get logged just now.

I know that right now some specific changes are being made which may affect logins. Hopefully this is transient.

OK. a few seconds ago I also go logged out while replying to a message (ie, I lost the “reply” button underneath the text input box, despite having been logged in while I was reading the post to which I was replying)

Not really a technical glitch, but an observation/question about the homepage box with the rotating panels of information. It lists the interview with Hope Warshaw, but no date or time. Yes, that information can be found elsewhere, but I think it would be incredibly useful if it were included right there with the announcement.

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I have not posted in a couple of days and I tried to use the search box on the home page and it was “dead.” Then I click for all threads (whatever the word) but no search box shows on this page.
This is not urgent, for me, just wondering if it was me or the system. Also, on the home page (the one with the chat and a few threads listed above it), the page shows Log Out, which should mean I am logged in, but my avatar does not show on that page. It does show on the “all forums” page. Just more weirdness I guess. And, I don’t care if the avatar ever shows, just thought it was odd.

Come on. When are we going to be able to log in on the Homepage and then go to “discussion groups” and be logged in? Some days I just work around it, but really, I’d like to be logged in on the “discussion page”, too. I used to say that the internet taught me patience, but I’m running out of it!

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Trudy, change your bookmark to and you will go straight to the discussion group (or forums) page.
I had a funny time when I could not decide if I was logged in or logged out and could not get the log in box to appear, but all is settled now.

Thanks. So far so good–we will see!

      Mari from France who is @mari5 is showing up in the chat as @mari with @mari 's profile picture 

When I’m logged in and at the home page and click on the “view all topics button,” then when that page appears it appears with a “login” button and I don’t see some info like the blue dot number info. It’s as it appears when you’re not logged in. When I click back to the home page, then I’m logged in. If I’m not logged in on that view all topics page, I cannot see a topic that I just posted. It disappears.

i meant to report this too. so now I just click on one of the topics instead of clicking on the view all topics button

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It has been reported that new members (those few who have just joined) are having their email pop up in their username at times. We will correct this immediately.

In my profile it says I was diagnosed July 1st 2099. Correct info is July 1st 2009. It says I joined Sept 10 2010, correct info is more like Oct ?, 2009. Join month and date area little fuzzy but the year was definitely 2009. Glad to see the login issues seem to be fixed

Well, behind the scenes there was a problem which created this time warp. There is actually a place where I (as an admin) could fix this and I moved your diagnosis from the future back to 2009. But from the records you actually did join on 9/10/2010. That being said, there are some a bunch of deeper problems still remaining with the WP/Discourse integration of which this may just be a small symptom. The biggest one right now is that profile editing is “broken.” I help that @Emily_Coles and @neillll can take a look at this. When members go to their Preferences and try to select Edit Personal Information they get a page not found error. The field that BadMoonT2 is referring to that has an error is presumably a self descriptive field that he should be able to set and correct using this option.

Another part also continues to be broken, and I really can’t find an excuse for this taking so long to fix. When I go to the home page, the site with the 6 topics up top and chat below it, I am logged in. The box up top right says “Log Out” meaning that I am in and it shows my avatar.
When I click on “View all Topics” that page always has me logged out (message: Log in). When I click on ‘Log in’ nothing happens. The page stays the same. No log in option appears.
OK, going back to the home page, if I click on one of the 6 topics, such as this one, then I remain logged in.
Do the respective Discourse and WP owners have no assistance for you guys?
And, I am also one of perhaps hundreds who would like to edit my profile. But the log-in thing should have been fixed by now, in my opinion. Much of the onus has to go to the Discourse and WP admins/owners.

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Just saw the exchange with Terry4 and Marie. It does not help to just click on one of the 6 topics as you still can’t get to the complete list of topics. As far as I know. When you do, being logged out, you can’t reply to anything.
And, I know Marie is away and am very sorry about her loss of her mother.

I have the same experience. I click on one of the 6 topics and then click the hamburger and click “latest”. then I check out “unread” for topics I’m following and “new”. thanks @Nell1 for your kind words.

I have found a very convoluted way to stay logged in from WP to Discourse. On the home page (WP), select My Page. On My Page (WP), go to the pull-down menu on the right next to your personal icon and select Latest. You should then be logged into the forum on Discourse. So far, it works consistently for me. Good luck.


I see what’s wrong and will fix today.

EDIT: fixed