Pod placement on thin people

I am very thin 5’4" 110 lbs. the back of my arms are my go to place for pod placement. Where are other people with my body type placing pods successfully? I want to hide it this spring.

Even the thinnest of thin maintain a squishy spot just above the buttocks and below the belt line. I have heard this is a good spot for ladies and their bikinis. That's about the only "hiding" place I can think of besides your go to spot on your arms.

Yep, the upper butt.

I was trying to be as respectful as I could being a guy. But you nailed it! UPPER BUTT!

I’m thin as well and use all of the spots recommended by Insulet with a high degree of success. TmoeZ’s suggestion is a particularly good one for me as I never injected much there when on MDI. Arms are still the fave though, the pod just seems to “disappear” there and I don’t notice them on until it beeps for a change. For me, the thinner and smaller pods seem to be even easier to find a good soft spot.

Arms are my favorite spot though. I don't get them caught on anything and I forget about them there.

I second this! Definitely a favorite of mine.

Upper butt it is…Thanks kids!

The "upper butt" that you are talking about... doesn't it bother you while sitting in a chair or on a couch or while driving?? I haven't been on the pod long and just starting to muster up the courage to try other spots besides the back om my arms. I tried my belly once... will never do that again!

I am wondering the same thing. I am going to try it this weekend…will let you know…fingers crossed.

Nope, it is actually just out of the way, driving is not an issue at all. Mine is usually just off to the right or left towards my side a little bit. You do need to be a bit careful going into the car seat, just so you don’t put weight on it while you slide in, but it’s really not bad. Once sitting, its lie its not there, even with the heated seats.

Also, I sleep a lot on my back and side, neither of which affect the butt placement really. Again, I just need to be a little careful rolling over on the POD side not to press really hard on it while I turn. I’ve never knocked a butt one off yet, so far, so good. Oh, and just be a little careful when you are undressing as the pod can get caught a bit if you’re hasty, especially because you forget it’s there.

Re: the belly, I’ve had a couple of bleeders there, one really bad (should have taken it off right away, it didn’t feel good right from launch), but still go there from time to time just to change things up. Most times it’s ok though.

I second what RobAW says. :)

I have had the pod on my upper butt cheek for two days and so far and it has been fine…guess who is going sleeveless this spring/summer!

Lol, good for you Christine. Glad you gave it a try. Since I never used that spot for MDI, I find it's quite a consistent area as well for absorption - nothing but(t) good using that spot (sorry, bad pun).

I've only been podding for a month and a half now (after 6 years of mdi in the abdomen) and have tried all of the alternative sites discussed in this thread (other than legs). I'm already observing trends where my insulin seems to work much more effectively when the pod is on my belly than anywhere else I've tried. My bgl "control" (hah!) has really been remarkable when the pod is on my abdomen, but somewhat erratic everywhere else I've tried. I'm not exactly reed thin, but I do a lot of weight training and my arms and legs don't have much fat. Has anyone else observed this? I'm heading south for spring break next week and would like to use my arms/upper butt/maybe even thighs for hiking, biking and swimming without the pod and dexcom being too conspicuous on my abdomen. I guess on the plus side I will be highly active and won't need as much insulin, but in a normal week my total daily dose goes up approximately 20% with a non-belly pod location. Do any of you use a different set of basal/bolus/correction factors depending on the pod location?

They make an attractive earring, but it takes practice to get the cannula insertion right.

Lol…You sound like my husband…he said “You should try it in the middle of your forehead. That would be a good look.” Anything to make me laugh about this situation is welcomed. Thank you Dave.

Well... that's better than the place my wife told me to stick it too once! :)

Well this discussion has taken quite a turn… Lol

My daughter has been using the Omnipod for 3 years. 90% of the time its just above her belt line on her lower back. She rotates from side to side and moves it around. Always in the horizontal direction. She also finds she has very little body fat. In the past she wore it just below her belt line but the tight pants would cause problems with the site causing it to start leaking insulin. Hope you find this helpful.