Pod on the back of arm

I love putting the pod on the back of my arm but my numbers are terrible with it. I seem to recall a DR once telling me that the arm isn't a good spot because it doesn't absorb well? I am very thin.

I usually take 4 units for an english muffin and eggs in the morning. The last 2 days when the pod was on my arm I was like 180 and needed 2 units to come down. I don't think I am using the arm anymore. My lunch numbers are really high and I have the same exact lunch everyday.

Interesting... I do well with pods on my arms most of the time. I'm thin, but not "very" thin. However, I cannot put them on my back as they never work right.

Rich, I have found out that we are all a little different as to where we can wear the pod. I started using the upper part of the back of my arm (almost to my armpit). It seems to work there well. Also, I use my upper chest (above my nipples). I have enough fat there that that is the best spot for me. I do use my upper thighs (front), but I have to increase my basal for a few hours after the change. You just have to experiment a litlle and find places that work. Unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all". Good luck, Hank

I use my arms all the time. Maybe it varies with the individual. I read somewhere to make sure the pointy end of the pod faces down when you attach it. That seems to work for me. Absorption is such a tricky thing. So many factors can influence it. Again I think it depends upon the individual. I've only had a couple of occlusions using my arm over the past couple of years but generally it works well.

H Rich...I have only been using the backs of my arms for a month or so. In general I find I can lower my basal in that site vs my abdomen, but this time my #'s have been higher and I wonder if the cannula found more muscle than fat. Like everyone else has said, it varies for all of us. It must be hard to find good sites when you are very thin.

I have found that keeping the window of the pod down is not always the answer. I use the pods up, down sideways with no difference, as long as I hit fatty tissue. I think the key is to hit the fat. Hank

Rich. Hi there. I am not thin by any stretch 93 kgs and 6ft 2in. I also use the navigator - so alternate arms. But I do find that back of the arm, almost up to the shoulder works with the nav slipping in just behind it. What I have found is that after insertion I do have to massage the “fat” or skin around the pod the get the results. I have had a few over the past six months where the pod does not alarm to the lack of secretion but that my arm aches. Therefore a tad of rubbing helps. Just an idea. Gos.

What I enjoy about these forums is that we can openly share ideas without discounting each other. While my approach of attaching the small side of the pod downward may or may not make a difference or meet Hank's approval, shouldn't we be open to the idea that none of us has all of the answers and all we want for each other is to achieve the best control we can and be appreciative that someone cares enough to offer suggestions, whether it ends up being helpful or not?

I certainly do NOT have all the answers and no one needs my approval (LOL). I just indicated what works for me (sometimes or most of the time). I was just trying to indicate that we are all individuals and can't all use the same location or procedure. I was told to only put the window down when I first started on OmniPod, but I have found, at least with me, that it makes no difference whether it is down or not. Just saying. I too am open to all suggestions and was not being judgemental. I agree with clubkobe that we should all listen and offer suggestions, helpful or not. Good luck, Hank

I can't use the back of my arms at all. The first time I tried, I got an occlusion. I have a couple of spots higher up near my shoulders that I can use.

Absorbtion there used to be better than anyplace else. Now, it's worse than anyplace else and I'm really hesitant to use the spots at all. I'm guaranteed a Pod-change high and I'll always have to adjust my insulin dosage up. I have a regular roation of sites from my abs around to my back that I use. I'll go through those sites a couple of times, first, before I jump back up to my arms.

great reply clubkobe. I am awful at these sites - but like the open and honest thoughts that you can get sometimes. I have been trying to work out how the Omni works best in my enviroment, but its hard. I am by no means a "perfect" T1 as some seem to be. Up or down dosent seem to matter - its the absorbstion thats important when moving site. So this is the first I have heard of it changing by site. I thought I was having saturation issue. I use my arms along with a Nav CGM. I have learnt to have the CGM on the same arm to protect the Omni when it gets knocked in the underground (in London) or at a concert - very recent real issue - just walking into a concert in London , someone kncoked into me in a crowd and dislodged the pod !! Great - the call was either stay and run high over night or go home. With work the next day - I knew I couldnt so had to go home. I dont like the pod on my ads - so its arms and shoulders really. Let me know your thoughts people - it is great to hear other views.