Possible G4 case

I found this case yesterday in the trunk of my car. I believe I bought it years ago to jog with my Blackberry Pearl. It has a detachable belt clip that swivels and is almost exactly the right size and design for the G4. It even comes with an armband and corresponding slot which could be used with a belt - although that would orient it vertically.

The tag on the inside has a model number of CRC90677 which I was able to find on amazon for $10.

Thx Mike, gre8t resource!

Thanks Mike, this looks perfect ! Just ordered one.

I use a body glove case for my MM pump and very happy with the quality. Many others I've tried had not lasted very long.

Love the idea of a detachable clip.

I have ordered several cases for my G4, and NONE of them work. Just ordered this one. Look forward to trying this one out - thanks!

DITTO ABOVE.. THANK YOU MIKE ! I ordered one too.. amazon said "only 19 left in stock" .. you will prolly sell them out!

WHY can't Dexcom design practical cases for their products ?~!

Thanks Mike for the picture and the link. I just got my G4 yesterday and I do agree they did really a bad job in the included case. I ordered one as well, I noticed that Buy.com also have it, in case Amazon went out!

I did discus this issue with one of their representatives in a conference and they advise me to call customer service and complain, which I did for the SevenPlus new case
and actually they where nice enough to send me an old case for the SevenPlus.

I advise you and my self to give them a call and complain, they listen!

Note Buy.com and Amazon are both referencing the same dealer Happy Cellular. So there really is only one vendor with that case right now. Get it now while it's hot!

Geeks.com have it for 4.99 but they're out of stock.


Awesome! I just ordered this case, too. Thanks for the head's up.
It now says 'only 20 in stock' so I'm guessing the supplier must keep a general stock of 20 items on hand. So: hopefully anyone can order and they won't run out! :o)

update: my case arrived 12/31 .. I'm really glad to have this case! it isn't a 100% perfect fit (the viewing window cuts off just a bit of the far left of the screen where the transmitter icon is) but it's close, and sooo much better than Dexcom's case. for those of us who keep our G4 receivers in our pants pockets, this case gives nice added protection without being bulky (I removed the little black plastic clip-attachment piece since I will not be using it). thanks again Mike for telling us about this.

Thank you so much for sharing this, Mike. I just ordered one too. :) I have received my G4 but have still been using my Seven+ to use up old sensors and trying to figure out what the heck to do about a case for the G4.

The G4 case provided by Dexcom is silly if you actually look at your receiver during the day... maybe it's just me but why in the world would you design a case where you couldn't easily see the screen? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of monitoring?

Thanks Mike for sharing info on the case. Just recieved my new G4 and I have to agree with everyone, the supplied case isn't very practical. looks like yours will work well. Just ordered one on ebay for 6 bucks.

I just ordered this case. At the price its worth the try. Dexcom could use some R&D in the accessory area.

I received this case from Amazon, but did not like the way it covered part of the screen. So I am returning it. The one I got seemed to cover even more of the screen than your photo.

I wish that there were local stores that carried all of the out-of-date phone/mp3 player cases. I’ve tried several cases and am currently using a hard shell case for a Blackberry phone. It stays on OK, but is not very sturdy. So I don’t think that it gives a lot of protection. I also use the mp3 case that I got from Best Buy. Nothing is perfect. My ideal case would be a silicone skin and then use a screen protector. I know that the silicone can cause static, but it gives some protection if the receiver is dropped.