How do you carry your Dexom G4?

I have put a screen protector on mine to keep it scratch-free and carry it as it is in my pocket. I´m looking for other solutions and discovered a case and a tummietote belt on

How do you carry your G4 and have you discovered any cases available online yet?

I just got (yesterday) my G4. I had trouble with my case that came with my 7+ and the G4 case did not look much better. I bought a very sturdy cell phone belt case from REI and will continue to use it. For the beach, hiking, I have a great water case from Sealine. Does double duty for my IPhone.

Do you have a link for the case from Sealine?

I didn't like the seven + case, and don't like the G4 case. The tummietote belts are awesome. I tend to use them for my pump, but there's plenty of room for the G4 as well.

I put a screen protector on the G4 and carry it in my pocket most of the time. I also put a sticker on the back... MEDICAL DEVICE If found return to.. with my first name and phone #. Looks an awful lot like an ipod!

Caleb just carries it in his pocket at the moment. I ordered one of the tallygear cases. Looking forward to the caribiner clip set up. When I'm carrying it, I have to inventory my phone, dex, make sure we have the PDM - I feel like I'm constantly checking things off - in addition to making sure I have three kids w me!

I work in an office at a computer desk, do yard work in our garden, tend my chickens, do photo shoots and ride my mountain and road bikes (a lot) and workout in the gym. My G4 in the case provided by Dexcom all the time. I throw it on my belt or in a pocket and I'm good. I've no need whatsoever to look for other belts or cases or screen covers or what have you. The case provided by Dexcom more than does the job for me.

I seem to be in a not-so-vocal minority of folks who find the Dexcom case to be just fine, and way better than the 7+ case. I chime in every now and then (like right now) because I see so many folks getting down on the G4 case. The case works like a charm for me -- I don't get that people have issues with it at all and waste money on belts and other stuff, but like D, we're all different and I get that so no one is wrong about their like or dislike of the case. :shrug:


Just started using the G4 about 10 days ago. The case that came with it works very well for me. It is also convenient sometimes to just slip in a pocket without a case.

Thanks, jrtup. One of the first things I did was to put a sticker on the back saying "Medical device" because of you :)

Thanks, Lorraine.

Thanks for the opinion, Rick.

Thanks, Michael. Personaly I don´t like anything hanging from my trousers. Even when iI was wearing an insulinpump I carried it in a tight lycra-"thingie" I had made myself. Had it around my leg right under the knee. Even when working out.

we just ordered a spibelt, and have been trying to stuff the thing into a vera bradley id case, but it will not fit, I think unless we cut a hole in the divider in the middle, anyone else have feedback on the vera bradley id case??

I´m thinking about a SpiBelt armband myself, but wonder if it´s too small. I need something that fits tight and is easily accessible when being active.

These are my favorite way - currently about to start collecting them in different colors ;)

They're only $12.00, I can put it on my keychain, slip it into a back jean's pocket, or into a pocket of my purse easily. It protects the G4 from moisture and falls and allows for full visibility of the screen. They're easy to find at any Vera Bradley store or retailer.

Seriously, I love mine:

Oh, and even with the case I can still fit into the key pockets of my running shirts or pants.

I just started on my G4 yesterday (my first CGM, I'm very excited!) and so far the leather case that comes with it has worked fine for me.

I've been wearing jeans, with the cold Seattle weather these days, so I just have it on my belt and flip open the flap to check my readings (admittedly much too often :-)

I don't know if I'll feel the same way in the summer when I wear shorts, but for now the case works fine and keeps it from getting scratched.

Good call on the "If found return to" sticker, jrtpup, I will add that for sure!

Sorry, didn't see your post Natalie until I had already posted about the Vera Bradley case. Yes, you have to cut the ID sleeve out and then it's PERFECT - my favorite case of all. Here's a link with instructions: but it's really easy to do, you just cut the entire inside divider out...

Note: While the Clip Zip ID worked best for the Seven, the Zip ID Case (square design, not rounded) works best for the G4

"Oh, and even with the case I can still fit into the key pockets of my running shirts or pants." NOW I'm sold. My concern was that it would be too bulky in anything. Just ordered one from eBay ;)

Thanks for really useful information, A.Kelsey Metcalf.

I think the difference lies with the differences between men and women. I hate the cases on pretty much everything. I don't wear belts and when I dress up I don't have pockets a lot of the time. I usually put it in my jean pocket but it can look pretty bulky, especially with the case and when in a case it doesn't "slide" in so easily. I put everything in my purse when out since I usually have that with me. If not then I have a small decorative purse that I wear across my body that can hold it all.

Some of you said you put a protector sheet on your pump or Dex. My question is what brand or type do you use? I have bought protector sheets for small gadgets and cut to fit my pump but the sheets come off quickly and I can't get a sheet to stay on. I end up having at least one scratch on every new pump I get.
The dex 7, I used the zip case with the clear plastic window for it so no problem there. I dread the G4 partly because you have to unsnap the case to see the data.
I will appreciate any specifics on brand, size, and where you got them. Is there a trick to geting them to stay on. I put them on dry and even dampened the screen and nothing helps.