Pre-ultrasound Stressing

Right now I get an ultrasound every two weeks, which is great. But every time I come closer to an ultrasound appointment I start worrying that something will be wrong with the baby. I’m 11 weeks now and so close to the end of the ‘higher risk’ zone and I’m just so worried that they’ll find something wrong. I nearly have my husband worrying too because I go on about it so much…I really have no reason to worry as all my other ultrasounds have gone fine and there has been no bleeding or extreme cramping, but I can’t help it! I hate this-I wish I would stop worrying, I don’t think it’s good for me!

I can relate. This is my second pregnancy and I’ve been a bit neurotic and will probably will be until I have the 20 wk Fetal Echo-cardiogram (5 more weeks to go). Once that’s done I’ll breath easier. Mind you it didn’t help that a few weeks ago the resident at MFM @ the hospital couldn’t get a heart beat with the damn Doppler. I was freaking out until she pulled in the Ultrasound machine and I saw the heart beat for myself. I wanted to smack her for scaring the daylights out of me.

The reality is I have to constantly tell myself that all I can do is eat well, keep my BG as under control as I can, rest and go to all my appointments…everything else is out of my control. What’s interesting is that I’m finding myself going back to my spiritual roots at this point which is bringing me some peace. Talking to other moms help a great deal as well.

ya, I’m glad I haven’t had any residents doing check ups-yet :slight_smile: