Pregnant, and where the heck do I put my CGM?

Hi everyone,

I'm 22 and a half weeks pregnant, doing well so far with my BGs; been using the new Minimed Revel and CGM. My question is, where the heck do you put the sensors? I have enough trouble finding sites for my insulin infusion sets, and have tried for a while to use my backside or hip for the sensor. Seems lately I'm having a lot of trouble with these sites for the CGM: inaccuracy, discomfort, bleeding on insertion. I think much of it may have to do with the increased blood flow and openness of the blood vessels, but frankly, it's a pain in my you know what. I know I can't use my abdomen for the CGM, largely because it's growing by the minute and the skin is getting too taut there.

Any presently pregnant or recently delivered moms who can share some tips? Minimed has not been all that helpful... :-) I have seen other posts about using arms and legs, but I can't actually envision where they are supposed to go, or how to insert them yourself!



I’m not pregnant, (hope to be soon!) but I’ve just inserted my CGM in my leg for the first time, so hope I can help. I positioned it in the front center of my thigh, maybe a little more than halfway up. I just used the sen-serter device as I would anywhere else. I had no pain or bleeding on insertion. I haven’t started the transmitter yet so I can’t speak to accuracy yet. Good luck!

Thanks Jess. That’s really helpful … I hope I’m not making this up, but it feels to me like I have muscular thighs, so it’s hard for me to “pinch an inch” in that location. I’m actually envious of folks who can do it, mostly because even as my belly gets bigger, I can clearly see my thighs. :slight_smile: Please let me know how it works, though, in terms of accuracy and any changes you notice with other spots. It’s intriguing… and maybe I can get my endo to dispel my myths of muscles. :slight_smile:

Hi! I have the MM 522 and used cgms for both of my pregnancies 24/7. I have a 2 year old and twins that are nearly 5 months old! Talk about a HUGE belly! So for me, I ended up using the love handle area for sensors. I’m fairly fit and actually don’t have much fat in the love handle area but it still worked very, very well for me. When carrying the twins, they were straight out in front of me, one actually in front of the other by the end (!), so I still had that area to use for sensors. I wasn’t getting great absorption in that area for my sets anyway so I actually used my arms for sets during my 2nd pregnancy. It was a huge pain because I had to snake the tubing down my sleeve, etc. Auughhh. But it worked well during this last pregnancy. BTW, I also have very muscular legs and can’t imagine putting a set or sensor in there. Let me know if I can answer any other questions and congratulations!!! :slight_smile: ~Pam

Thanks Pam! I tend to use my “love handles” for my sites for the pump… I had, before pregnancy, been orbiting as best I could around that midsection, as far back as I could reach to do the insertion. I think the CGM had been happy there when I put it there, too, but as my “orbit” gets smaller, I’m loathe to use that real estate for the sensor. I’ve never tried infusion sites on my arms; can you do those on your own pretty well, or do you need am extra set of hands?

Congrats, BTW, on all of your little ones! :slight_smile: I was sure I was going to have twins (with two sets in my immediate family) but was relieved, at least for this first pregnancy, to learn there is only one little girl in there. :slight_smile: Thank you so much for the words of wisdom, and taking the time to share them, ESPECIALLY with what I can imagine to be a number of demands on your time and attention. :slight_smile:

Congratz on the pregnancy.

I’m not preggo’s yet, however, an option is putting it on your arm/shoulder. I’ve been putting my CGM there for a few months now and loving it. I really don’t enjoy having the CGM on my abdomen area since I find it hurts and itches a lot. Plus, after putting so many needles and infusion sets in the abdomen area, the skin has become tough.

I have muscular arms, and not much skin to pinch there, but I am able to get the sensor in and get amazing numbers from this site. Worth a try. Try around the tricep if you can. I hope that helps!

Thanks Desdemona! The only thing I can’t quite get (esp since I DO have an inch or two in my arms) is how to insert it. Do you need help to do it? For some reason, I have been feeling skittish about asking for my husband to help with insertion… harkens back memories of others sticking me with syringes, most of which were unpleasant. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I totally need my husband to help do this. I still push the button but he takes the needle out and puts the transmitter on for me. I attempted it a few weeks ago and failed badly. I managed to get the sensor in but when I went to remove the needle, the whole thing came out.

I will say this, no pain compared to the stomach. Plus my readings/trends are almost spot on when I have them in my arm. I hope this works the same for you!

i use the backs of the arms as well, and have good results. i switch arms/sites every 14 days. i always get nervous about having other folks stick needles in me, but have to have my husband has to insert it for me. after the first few times i didn’t feel nervous about him doing it. it’s a pretty painless spot that also gives me good readings.

Thanks everyone. Maybe next site change I’ll be brave enough to let him try it. :slight_smile: