Pregnant! High sugars & folate

Hi… I’m 26 and recently found I’m pregnant!! It wasn’t a planned pregnancy but I’m over the moon! Sadly, the babys father and I had separated not long before I found out - but he is being supportive and thankfully I have an amazing family around me… I was diagnosed T1 at 18 and had a few hospital admissions back in the denial days. I can’t say that my BC has been perfect and when I conceived I barely checked my sugar levels at all - but I use my meds religiously, do not suffer from any complications and I’m rarely ill.

I had a recent HBA1C result of 7.8… not terrible but not great either. I was prescribed 5mg folic acid and Vitamin D supplements from the doctor and I had some bloods done not long after, which showed folic acid at 20 (range is 5-10) and B12 of 837 (330-660)! They have now advised me not to take the folic acid everyday but once a week instead as im almost double! Has anyone else had this?

I’m booked in for a scan on Monday but I’m worried I’ve already hurt the baby from having high sugars :frowning: I’ve read up about it online (bad idea) and seen some down heartening things that have made me start to worry. Since I found out, I’ve tried my best to keep my sugars in range and I even ordered the new Freestyle Libre which arrived today. It’s expensive but amazing and key to help me get to my goal of a 5ish hba1c over the next few months. I really want to do my best to have a healthy baby but I’m scared of any damage I’ve already done…

Can anyone relate?

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My sugars were up and down, diagnosed with gestational but later on type one diagnosed. I feel you are going you be aggressive with your sugars, type one needs that insulin therapy, mine got high at the end of my pregnancy and they thought he was around 6 lbs but he was 8.8, he is healthy, he is 10 years old now. You know what needs to be done, ya’ll will be just fine, Prayers for direction and stress relief

It sounds like you will be a wonderful mother as your doing everything and more. Try not to worry it just makes things worse.
Have you done carbohdyrate counting course?
If not try and find one its wonderful to help with sugars and insulin ratios.
You can do this take each day as it comes and work really closely with your team.
I was diagnosed at the age of two and now have two girls oldest is 5 and youngest will be 2 in march.
Enjoy it because it goes so fast. Xxx