Priming an infusion set

I am switching from 8mm to 10 mm sets. I prime an 8mm set with one unit. How much insulin is needed for a 10mm set?

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What does the infusion set instructions say to use to prime? I use 0.2 units for my inset 6mm. The best measure is how your blood sugar moves after a set change and without eating. Unless you are highly sensitive to insulin, it may not matter much. Some people swing higher with every set change due to a gap in re-establishing site insulin kinetics.

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What brand is it? Maybe they have some online information about it.
I use 0.3 U for a 6 mm Mio.

The length of the needle shouldn’t make a big difference. The volume is probably close to zero.
I am using 6mm and 9mm and prime all of them with 1.5 units. The most important is that the pressure in the cable is built up, i.e. that you see drops coming out of the needle before the applying it.

I used the 6 mm Quickset’s when I was using medtronic pump and now the 6 mm Insets. Both I prime with 0.3 units.