Problem with my Deltec Cozmo pump. Can anyone help?

In one week I’ve had three pumps all have battery failures. One minute it will say I have 100% battery power. The next minute literally it will alarm and say the battery is depleted. I will unscrew the cap and rescrew it back on and it will come up with 100% power again. I was told it was the battery cap or some electrical field causing this problem. They are now sending me a brand new pump to see if it happens again. The company has no clue what is happening. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you Ben

WHat type of battery are you using… not lithium right? Just a stand AAA works best for CoZmo.

the way a pump determines battery capacity can fail and cause your pump to alarm on a brand new battery.

make sure you are using the recommended battery for the pump. Make sure your battery is at room temperature before installing, as some people like to stor batteries in the fridge.

You are probably better off with a new pump, esp since if you do not determine exacly what is wrong, your pump will likey fail on “low battery” again.

I use reg, batteries not rechargeables or anything like that. I never thought of the cold affecting it but I don’t store my batteries in the frig. I hope the new pump is the answer. The company is going to send a rep if it happens to the new pump. I’m just curios if anyone else has had a similar problem. Thanks for the ino.

I had this problem with two Cozmo pumps. Both pumps would run through battery life in less than a day or two. The third time was the charm. I’ve had this one for almost a year with no issues… Maybe it’s just a fluke?

Some questions they asked me to think about:

Have I been out in the cold and generated static? (Static electricity can interfere with the pump’s battery operation)

Have I had my pump anywhere near (like in the same pocket as/near to) my cell phone/cell phone battery or other medical device (hearing aid) battery?

The cold battery question… They absolutely recommend against storing batteries in the fridge…

I had the same problem. They never told me what the problem was, but they replaced the pump and now I have no problems. It’s strange because i had that pump for a long time with no problem, then one day-- it went from a full battery to that annoying siren sound (I think that you all know what sound I mean). It created a couple embarrassing situations. This was in the Spring. I replaced the pump in April and no problems since!