My Pump just broke!

I believe my pump just broke. I have the Deltec Cozmo and it keeps saying system fault call for service. So, I called the pump company and the lady said she’d send a replacement one. But I will not receive it until Tuesday. So back to the old fashioned way for me! Woot! Shots. Fun… NOT But hey, Im just happy we found out.


So sorry tohear of your pump problems. Boy, your company is responding poorly. With my glucometer, if I have problems, they will send it next day FedEX! I get it the next day … no kidding!!!

Hey did you know that UPS was having troubles and they want to merge with Federal Express? Yes, they want to call is FED UP!!! :o)

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

They can’t ship a pump ot on Sun. So she is basically getting it overnight by them shipping it out tomorrow.

sad to hear that you have had such problems
excuse me…but i am courius,how did it broke?
and good luck with your shots

Lois, hey! I know, but apparently they couldn’t send one yesterday. Lucky you!!! :slight_smile: I didn’t know that. Did you know that They aren’t making Deltec Cozmo pumps anymore? I just found out.

S@ya, I’m not sure how it broke. When i was changing the cartridge and pressed load it made a sound like it was dying and it said System Fault call for service. I changed all the batteries so that’s not a problem. Maybe it’s just time for a new one.

Yikes - yeah Smith isn’t making any more Cozmo pumps. I’m wondering if you’ll a refurbished and I’d make sure you get a FULL warranty with it.