Procedure for returning faulty pods

I am a new user for the omnipod and this is the first time I am returning a faulty pod.I got an occlusion error soon after I started a new pod.
I have contacted omnipod twice to get a mailer to return the pod without success.
What has been others experiences with returning pods?

Far as I know, they don't want 'em back. I've never had to send one. They just want the numbers on the side and error #. Toss it in the garbage unless they told you otherwise.

I'm pretty sure they don't send replacements for occlusions and, like clubkobe, I haven't had to return one in a long time. When I did, they sent a postage-paid envelope with the replacement pod.
When you say you've tried without success, what exactly happened? Did they tell you to send it back?

...Or ask them for a recycling kit. ;)

I've been asked to send a few back but when you need to send them back they will always let you know they'll be sending a return envelope. When your replacement comes it will come with all the instructions, labels, and packaging needed to return the faulty item. Again, they don't often do this with pods unless it's something very unusual that they need to investigate further. Most of the time for occlusions they won't even replace the pod because it's supposed to alert you to occlusions so you know you're not getting insulin. This is the most frustrating part because there's nothing you can do and you've lost the pod even though it's working properly. But unless they've asked you to return an item don't worry about it, just trash it.

I am assuming they were going to send me a mailer, from what I understood while talking to the lady at omnipod.
She took the lot # and noted the amount of insulin and type of insulin i had filled the pod with.
I thought they would send a replacement once they get the faulty pod.
I dont want to chuck it yet till i know for sure that they dont need it.
I will call them again tomorrow to clarify.

Yes, please call. Don't do anything on our advice until you get confirmation from Omni. I like the idea of the recycling kit. I need to look into that. Thanks Scott.

Everytime they're replaced my pods, they've always included them in the next shipment. I may get the usual box of 10 with an extra one wedged in, or get a couple in a seperate envelope if I've had more than a couple faulty pods before the next shipment goes out.

I've never had to send a pod back. Occasionally, they might ask me if I need the replacement pods right away. Not sure what they do in those cases because I've never needed replacements right away.

I've been asked to send some of my faulty ones back and they included all the shipping packaging and labels in their next regular shipment of pods.

I think they may be a little more lenient on what they'll replace for new users. I've been podding going on 3 months now and I've pulled more than a few pods early trying to figure out if it's a site problem/ pod problem/ insulin problem/ or hormones.

I'm pretty confident now that it's hormones but they've been really nice and always replace when I pull the pods early. Even though I've told them I don't need the replacements right away, they always send them within a week with a mailer to return the pulled pods.

I think they realize that there's a learning curve and it can be frustrating at times for new users so they're more willing to replace quickly to alleviate some of that frustration.