Procrastinating Pumper

I procrastinate about a lot of things in my life, including my D duties. So odd because at work I answer and open emails instantly, crazy little life I lead.

Well new year and hopefully new me??!!!

Question is it is January and my pump warranty expires in April, wow April and I am asking this question so soon and not waiting until March. :)

I have used Medtronic pumps for eight years and wonder if I should continue with MM or try another.

Which pump do you use? Have you used several makes and models? Which one were you happiest with?

Thanks for your help in my first step towards ending procrastination :)

I have an Animas 2020, and I love it! My first pump was a Disetronic. The Animas is also good because it is waterproof. But I think Medtronic is a good choice as well, although I have never used one.

from MM to OmniPod. highly recommend Insulet Company and oPod I'd recommend asking Insulet for a demo pod and trying it out. best of luck with whatever you decide :-)


I’ve used an MM for 12 years, and have been perfectly happy with it, and see no reason to change. A friend of mine was on the Animas, and didn’t like it, but there’s a lot of room for personal preference. Maybe you could try out different pumps – at least get on their websites and see what they say about them. Call them and talk to them – it’s a major commitment, and I wouldn’t want to see you unhappy with your choice!

I really like my MM 722, I understand there is an update, which is cool. But while you can switch you might want to wait and see what the new year brings in sensor technology. I really like the built in sensor with the MM, and woudl stick with that unless another manufacturer come out with built in sensor tech, then i might consider changing.

rick phillips