Project Insulin Pump

April 1st is my first pump (april fool's day:/)

i want the OmniPod sooooooooooo bad. i don't like the idea of tubing. if i can't get that i don't know if i want a pump:( the whole tubing thing is scary to me.

so i have questions...

list of questions for the pump users:

what was your first pump class like?

do you like tubing?

what pump do you have?

if it's the OmniPod, do you like it?

do you love your pump?

is tubing as bad as i think?

your #1 pro and #1 con of pumping?

thanks soo much and Congrats on the 3rd year TuDiabetes!


Hi Sadie! I’ll go first…

  1. I never attended a pump “class.” My parents and I sat down with a CDE and learned about the MiniMed 722 for about 3 hours. It was informative, overwhelming, and exhilarating all at once. Take notes, get the instructor’s phone number, and remember that no question is a stupid question :slight_smile:

  2. I strongly dislike tubing! I was on a MM for about a year then switched to an oPod. I love the fact that I can leave it on in the shower and when I go swimming. I don’t have to worry where I’m going to clip a pump when I run/get dressed/ or wear a dress!

  3. IMO, any pump you get will improve your BG control and make your life easier. Tubing is not horrible. I just like no tubing better :slight_smile:

  4. #1 pro… or multiple pros: it’s discrete, it’s less painful, it keeps track of my numbers/carb intake for me! It’s fewer things I have to carry with me. I get to explain to people what this white egg-shaped thing on my arm is!

  5. #1 con… I can’t think of one at the moment. I really like pumping.


I love tubeless. I don’t understand why there is a market for other pumps.

A pump is nice. A CGM is a game changer. I LOVE my DexCom 7+. Consider getting the DexCom 7+ first, the pump 3 months later.

what was your first pump class like?
Well, I went to my Training appointments with my CDE, if that is what you mean… My first session went well. We had a cup of tea, explored what the pump will change, how to use it, and what I should rwad and be aware of before I start. I was sent home with a Saline trial OmniPod on.

do you like tubing?
I haven’t used a pump with tubing. A very close friend of mine wore a tubed pump and I knew off the bat that I wanted a pump, but that tubing wasn’t for me. I am such a spontaneous person, and practically live in the lake all summer, I knew th e

what pump do you have?
I have the OmniPod

if it’s the OmniPod, do you like it?
I love it. It is my first pump ( I was diagnosed about 9 months ago) And compared to shots it is so fabulous. I didn’t dislike shots that much… but now that they are no longer a part of my day, I couldn’t be more pleased. My metabolism is such that I like to eat 4 or 5 small meals a day, and with shots, it was just too many injections. Now, I can eat when I want, and work easily around my crazy college schedule.

do you love your pump?
Oh boy, do I love my pump, or do I love my pump? More than the convenience, I really love the control. I love that when I excercise, when I party, when I’m sleeping, when I’m stressed, I can stay in control. A pump is not a get-out-of-jail-free card, I still spend just as much time on my Diabetes every day, but not hovering around trying not to touch anything in a dirty bathroom stall… THAT is nice.

is tubing as bad as i think?
No. It is the better choice for a lot of people. It is very discrete, the infusion sets are hardly visible under clothing, and you have flexibility in infusion sets and cannula angles and such…

your #1 pro and #1 con of pumping?
Con: Visible under clothing, and the OmniPod, if it is torn off, cannot be replaced…you have to put on a whole new Pod, and depending on how long you’ve been wearing the pod you may lose the insulin…

If you haven’t already done so, send for a sample of the Omnipod. Also, try sending for the sample of the new Solo tubeless pump by Mendingo. ""
Wear them both and you can see how they feel. I’m the same way with tubes so I’ve decided to go with the new Solo. It won’t be out until later this year but I’ve waited 36 years whats a few more months! Good luck!

i am not “18 years or older”! :frowning:

My pump class was very informal but helpful.
I have always had tubung, Minimed 722
I didnt want the omnipod because it protrudes too much for me. I like to conceal everything.
You can never go back, its soo great!
The tubing isnt bad. I am use to it and it never gets in the way.
My only con to pumping is changing the set. But its way better than multiple daily injections!

Hi Sadie,

Like a lot of people here, I’ve switched to pumping and love it. I’ve never used an omnipod, but I can tell you a little about the minimed that I have.

First class: Didn’t have one. Just met with my endo for MAYBE 15 minutes to get it started correctly. I did go through a little training tutorial online before my pump arrived to get familiar with how it operates.

Do I like tubing: I can’t really say that I “like” it, but I will say that it isn’t nearly as big of an issue as I thought it would be. I remember thinking before I got the pump about all the horrible situations that I would find myself in because of the pump being attached. Really, after the first week or so of it being weird it stopped being a problem at all. I don’t really notice it now unless I’m doing something that causes me to think about it (like swimming).

What pump do I have: Minimed Paradigm 722

Do I love my pump: Absolutely. The pump represents a complete 180 degree turn in the way that I manage diabetes.

Is tubing as bad as you think it is: Probably not. Truthfully, it isn’t really an issue at all once you get used to it. What some of the other people have pointed out is right: the tubing based pumps are much smaller on your skin, but they are connected all the time. The omnipod on the other hand has no tubing but is much larger on your skin. It’s a trade off, and different pumps work better or worse for different people.

#1 Pro: It makes everything easier.

#1 Con: Greater chance of DKA from a pump problem.

Cheers! I’m sure you’ll be super happy no matter what pump you get.


Get someone who is to fill out the paperwork.

I don’t see the greater change for DKA with a pump. I’ve never had a problem and if you check your levels as often as you are supposed to your sugars shouldn’t get high enough for DKA even if the pump were to malfunction.

what was your first pump class like?- that was… 7 years or 8 years ago? I remember it taking about an hour… dont remember much else

do you like tubing?- I just got the omnipod 3 weeks ago… I liked the tubing because I could hide the pump anywhere, with the pod not so much, im really indifferent

what pump do you have?- just got the pod from the cozmo (discontinued)

if it’s the OmniPod, do you like it?- yes, I love it and Im glad I made this switch

do you love your pump?- yes yes yes!

is tubing as bad as i think?- No. I thought it would be a huge change in control from the cozmo to the pod, if I was stuck with the cozmo Id still be ok

your #1 pro and #1 con of pumping?

#1pro with pod- insertions. I used to hate insertions (im a big baby) but the pod auto inserts, which makes it sooo much easier
in general- makes life so much easier to go with the flow

none really except for forgetting to bring stuff with me for refills.