Pump Types

So I’m on the OmniPod and have been for 5+ months. I LOVE it. But I’ve noticed that varies from person to person.

So if you don’t like the OmniPod, why? And What do you like better? Why?


  • pod failures (I know this, although I’ve never had one)
  • size
  • customer service

The impression I’ve been getting from some posts is that people don’t like it for…BG control? Insulin delivery? Idk. I’m a little confused.

But seriously, if this turns into an “I hate the OmniPod thread” I’m deleting it. I just want to know what might make you not like it…?

What other reasons wouldn’t someone like them? Those are the big ones? I’m not a fan of the thingy stuck on me as I sort of like the MiniMed tube gizmo but that’s probably because I’m used to it? I am sort of intrigued by the notion of having a different set of menus to play with and different reports about stuff but, since I never played with the other “flavors” of pumps, I have no idea what they are like?

My biggest thing with the Omnipod is that I never was quite sure where to put it where it wouldn’t be torn off. I was concerned that with the kind of work I do, that it would be vulnerable. I understand that they can be placed in a variety of places on the boy, but with the trial set that I received, I was just never sure that it would be secure.

With the Ping, the infusion set is nearly flush with the body, and I have had no trouble with tubing or with carrying the pump either in a pocket or on my belt. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

this is an interesting question.

I have no idea, that’s why I’m asking. The vibe I got was that people didn’t like them functionality wise in the sense that they didn’t think it delivered insulin as well or didn’t help them control their blood sugars as well? I’m so confused though.

I felt this was when I tried it first (on my stomach) and HATED it. Then I’ve been putting it on my thighs (where my pockets would hit) and back of arms and I forget they are even there and I’ve never had one fall off.

Not trying to convince you or anything, just saying! Glad to hear your point of view, thank you!

I have an 8 yr old boy who uses it. He plays tennis every single day for two hrs, we go to to the beach pretty often (we are from Puerto Rico), and as any boy his age plays and wrestles with his brothers. So far just to knocked pod, we’ve been using it for over a year now. The size of it, not an issue. If it’s not a big deal on a little boy’s body, can’t imagine it being an issue on an adult. His A1C’s low 6 and 5.8’s.

As you can see we love it. Of course it’s not perfect, but for us it’s as close as been free, without worrying about inyections.

Agreed! Great to hear! Yeah I always wonder when people say they worry about knocking it off, I think it’s a mental thing/block, because I am a pretty active college student, never knocked one off!