Pro's and Con's on the One Touch Ping

I heard this was a wire-less pump. Does anyone have any pro’s and con’s about this pump? I have been off the Cozmo 1700 pump over a year now and gave up with problem I had with it and started back on shots.
It would be nice to be able to get on a pump that does not require wire or tubing. I had lots of trouble with bubbles in the tubing from the Cozmo. Just put it this way, Everyone at my doctor’s specialist pump people couldn’t figure it out and they even did everything for me and still bubbles and high b/s.
It was easier to just go back to shots for everyone. So, a wire less pump sounds pretty good that is if Medicare will help again?
What do you do with your old pump?

the Animas Ping is the same as the Animas 2020 with a meter/remote. and yes the infusion sets have tubing, it is not tubeless.

Thanks, that means bubbles. I also just found that they had a recall on this as well. My insurance don’t cover the Omini Pod.