Protect Yourself - Privacy and Security Reminder

Many of you may have heard the latest yesterday, 5 million google accounts were compromised. You can check to see if your account was in the list of leaked accounts by visiting this site and entering your google email.

If you account was compromised, change your password immediately. And this latest compromise is by no means the first, we have seem millions and millions of accounts compromised over the last few years. It is a good practice to change your password on a regular basis (even on TuD). If you accounts are compromised you could have your identity stolen, have charges made against your account and in the worst case have things like your google account be used as a leverage to obtain access to things like on-line banking accounts.

Keep yourself safe by using good security software and changing your passwords to strong passwords on a regular basis.

No offense, Brian, but are you sure your "this site" is safe; it doesn't appear to be a legit google site.

That is a good question. The site was widely reported as being a tool that users could use but at least one security expert questioned whether it was nefarious. There does seem to be agreement that an alternate site HaveIBeenPwned which is run by a known and respected security engineer might be a better alternative.

According to google, only 2% of the 5M accounts might have actually worked and those users have been notified. That being said, if you reuse your google identity (email/password) to access other sites you may be at risk.