Protecting Pump from Water

I have searched around online looking for a way to protect my pump while fly fishing. What I find is pricey, and usually only protects the pump for 5 seconds--if I get felled in s stream, at my age, it will take more than 5 seconds to get up.

Water sport folks--how do you protect your pump from water damage?

minimed? if so, I recommend Sport Guard. I would imagine they still sell them. If not MM, can't help you as then you just need to use "generic" device water protective products.

Those are really expensive! What is a "generic" device water protective product?

Cheaper than a new pump. :)

Someone else or google can help you with other less elegant methods of water proofing.

Get a Sorry, couldn't resist, just got my new Ping, exactly the same model as before so no new techie fun (I can live without learning curves!). Being waterproof wasn't my #1 requirement but it's one of the things I love about my Ping.

Your profile page says your pump is a Minimed Revel. So ... a 523 or 723? Is that still the case?

If so, have you looked at this thread started two years ago yet?
Waterproofing a Minimed Revel??


I use an Aquapac to keep my pump safe and dry and have gone swimming, boating, and river rafting with no trouble. In addition I put my my meter and it's durables, glucose tabs, and even my camera in an inexpensive waterproof pouch. These can be found at any sports store (Minimed used to send one with each new pump as a shower pouch). Also, the MM Sport Guard is awesome, I used that for years but the newer pumps don't fit in them (supposedly) - worth the money if yours is the smaller pump and you want a more durable product than a soft pac.

I was thinking the same way, Zoe!!! With my Ping there are no worries about water... Am probably going on my third one.

Thanks for the info Zoe. Very helpful. By the way it is Sue. I try to remain anonymous here.

It is not true that the newer pumps don't fit in the Sport Guard case. I don't know where that misinformation came from. the 5xx series pumps WILL fit JUST FINE.

Yep, that is why I said "supposedly". I have put mine in there for protecting the pump from hard knocks, it is called a Sport Guard. MM does not offer them anymore.

Good, I'm glad it was helpful.

Yeah, it's a shame they don't sell them any longer. They were so durable they were great for athletes in contact sports.

While Medtronic tends to be rather weasel worded about it, their pumps are also supposed to be waterproof, albeit in very limited way. Their claim is that their pumps have a watertight rating of IXP7, immersion at a depth of 1 meter or ~ 3 feet for 30 minutes, when delivered.

But they seem to be implying that immediately after you open the box all bets are off because you might have damaged the case of the pump in a way that compromised it.

It's not a position that I can see would do them much good, so I'm not sure why they bother post it on their website. But for whatever it's worth, here is the link.

I'm not sure what Medtronic's current effective policy on this is. Once I dropped the pump into the toilet. Of course, it seemed fine afterwards but I called it in to the help desk, probably mostly to see how they would react. They overnighted me a replacement pump "just to be safe".

But I can't remember when that was or which pump it happened with. I think it was some time ago, so I'm not sure if the company which has already cropped the pump warranty coverage from 5 years down to 4 would still be so flexible.


I've had at least 3 MM pumps ruined by water and have never had any problem getting a replacement pump. There is far too much unnecessary angst in the pumping community over the lack of "official guarantee" against water damage. MM always replaces defective pumps.

MM pumps are not water proof or water resistant. This was the 3rd button error I have had in 4 years,

Last Friday night, I had a horrible low. When I sleep, I wear my pump in a cotton bra between my breasts. I had a low of 33, a total sweat out, followed by a Button Error and total pump shutdown---at 3 AM.

I had no other water contamination--just low BG sweat. AND I got a button error, with no real water--which means sweat from a low BG got below the DECAL PASTED ON THE FRONT OF THE PUMP!! The decal allows liquid to seep in--even a heavy sweat out from a low BG.

It is a 523--to be updated in a few months.

As a water polo player and swimmer, I wear an omnipod so it just isn't a problem. When it rains, I put the controller in one of those thick plastic zip loc bags meant for kayaking.