Provera and Clomid

Hi everyone! My hubby and I have been trying for a while to get pregnant, for months and months my OB has been telling me that I just need to give my body time to adjust from not being on birth control anymore. Well I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 and I am now 25 and in my pre-conception appts she said she didn't think I had PCOS it was normal at a young age not to have regular periods and didn't believe I would have any problem conceiving. So I finally got her to test my hormone levels after all these months and sure enough I definetly have PCOS. So she started me on Provera and Clomid. I just wanted to see if anyone else has taken these and what were your experiences with them negative or positive? Did it effect BS control at all? My A1c has been at 6.0 for the last year. Thanks!

I don't remember if Clomid did anything weird to my BS. But I *did* get pregnant (at 39) after one cycle of taking it! It was supposed to just be a test run for ivf -- the "clomid challenge test" -- but it worked.

Thank you kestrel, the first cycle?! Wow thats amazing. I am excited but also a little scared because of the chance of multiples. Even double the already crazy insulin resistance...oh boy!

I have never taken provera. I did take clomid. I got pregnant the first cycle (@ max dose) but miscarried at 5-6 weeks. Cycle 4 worked and I am now 23 weeks pregnant. It looked like I double ovulated that cycle based on progesterone levels but I am not having twins, just a singleton.

I do not remember the clomid affecting my blood sugars

I should also add that on cycle 3 they added metformin with the clomid but that was more for my diabetes than the infertility.

mhynes congrats on your pregnancy! How very exciting! It is reassuring to hear others success with clomid. I just finished the provera yesterday so I am waiting for my cycle to start now so I can take the clomid. Fingers crossed!
Super_sally I have read about the metformin I am just scared of how it would effect my BS in conjunction with already being on insulin. If the clomid doesn't work for us then I will definitely look into the Femara, thank you! Congrats on your pregnancy how far along are you??

Another question... in all that I have read now with the Clomid I am seeing that most women go in and their doctors will do blood tests or ultrasounds to see how it is working... My doctor hasn't even seen me. She did some blood tests to check my FSH and LH levels and based on that ordered me the provera and clomid and said after my first cycle and a negative pregnancy test after then I should email her to see how we will proceed, So this concerns me. Has anyone experienced that or was your doctor definitely checking throughout the cycle??

My doctor would pull a progesterone level 7 days after ovulation. I monitored my cycles via mucus and a fetility monitor to determine the date of ovulation.

I did not ovulate on the 50 mg dose, only on the 100 mg dose. Then I would take HPTs. ON cycles where I did ovulated I did not need anything to cause a period. 13-14 days later it would start on its own. If I did not ovulate I needed progesterone to cause a period so we could try again.

thank you mhynes, very good to know. I am doing BBT charting to see when or if I ovulate, hopefully that is accurate enough to be able to tell? I never have had a period without birth control or provera so I assume I will need to do the provera every month. Thanks for all the help! very much appreciated : )