Pump and colonoscopy

So, it is time for my first colonoscopy. I am not worried about the procedure per se, but I am concerned about being so "out of it" for a prolonged period of time. Apparently you also have no minute to minute memory for several hours after the procedure. Will I accidentally take insulin, then forget I did, and take it again?

I have a pump and CGM, and am worried about being able to monitor my BS safely and take insulin as needed. I have never been mentally incapacitated since I have had it, not even while giving birth. I feel like my diabetes needs almost constant attention, and I can't imagine not being able to do so for a period of several hours. I am also worried about going too low during or after the procedure. Any one on a pump have any suggestions or comments on how they handled being mentally out of it and on the pump?

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you are sure to have a pre-op consult. I had some surgery a few years ago w/ a general anesthesia and I was able to wear my pump during the surgery.

Hi, I used to work in Gastroenterology, and what I can tell you is EVERYONE reacts differently to the medications used to sedate with. I was completely put out for mine...can we say CHICKEN...but anyway within an hour I was perfectly able to function so its really hard to say how you are going to react and be. I've seen people completely awake and talking during their procedures with minimal medications, I've seen people with small amounts completely out, I've seen people with enough meds in them to put down a small elephant and they are coherent. My advice though since there is no guarantee how you are going to react, how much medication will be needed to keep you comfortable. Make sure you have someone with you who is also knowlegable in your diabetes as well.

Are you having it done in a office setting or in the hospital? I might be a little conserned wearing my pump during a colonoscopy and here is my reason why, sometimes there is a lot of repositioning of patients in order to manuever the scope as well as applying pressure to different parts of the abdomen. Once again this may or may not apply to your colonoscopy however you wont know until its underway. I'd be a little concerned esp if your infusion site is located on your stomach of the site being accidently pulled out. Other than that overall a colonoscopy isnt like having open heart surgery, or some major abd surgery, so technically a pump should be ok. Speak to your gastro, endo, see what they recommend. Good luck, hope everything goes well for you.

If you are worried about accidentally programming the pump while you are not coherent enough, you may want to lock the keypad and it would take more effort to do so. ALso - during the recovery phase from the medications, you should be supervised by the staff. You might want to explain to them your concerns before you are sedated and they can stop you from doing anything silly.

Thanks to for responding....this is all good advice. I guess this is really the first time I am realizing that it is just me and my pump who keep me alive every day and the worry about what happens when one of us is out of commission! I think I will decrease my basal rates to avoid lows and lock the pump to prevent me from over bolusing.

Oh, and in response to what Christy asked, I am having it done in a clinic, not a hospital.

Decreasing your basal might be a good idea, just simply from the prep involved, and just the lack of eating the day before. I'd say the majority of people are right when they say the worse part was the prep!