Pump controls

Why does omnipod seem to be looking at upgrades to the pdm, pump, etc. without looking at adding a way to take a bolus directly from the pump? Whenever I forget my PDM, I have to go on a forced fast or get my wife to drive it to work. Another competitor is coming out with a tubeless pump similar to omnipod just with a smaller insulin capacity that can be controlled straight from the pump when necessary. It does not have the have the fine tune control of the PDM as it would only be for above such cases. Control at .5 units would be fine for limited usage.

I love my pod but I want to be able to control it no matter my memory.


I don’t know why, but I know my CDE has told me multiple times that multiple patients ask Insulet for this feature all the time… so you’d have to think they know people are wanting this feature.