Got my new pump start date!

I had mentioned on another thread about a delay in starting with insulin do to being made change trainers and now I have a start date!! now its set for monday, august 3rd!!! Lets hope and pray that nothing comes up :slight_smile:

Wow, it is great you are moving forward again! I will cross my fingers for you.

Thanks Mark :slight_smile: I will keep you guys posted!

This is great, Leanna! Mine is next Wednesday, we can compare notes!

Yup!! I can hardly wait to get started!!

Mine is next Friday! Cant wait for a new pump… this has been the longest 2 weeks of my life!

Just opened my new pump box… whoo!!

Congrats Wendy!!! Do you have to do saline?

You got it!! WHOO HOO!!!

Um I dont think so? This is pump number 4 for me… I dont think I have ever done saline? But I dont really remember. Do you?

You know what… it is! My husband was way more excited than I was to open that box. Hard to imagine!!

O if this isn’t your first pump then no you won’t need to. Saline is just for practicing before someone becomes a pumper. I’m on saline and start with insulin on monday!!

very cool! What pump did you get? How is the saline run going? I am even more excited for you now! I remember that feeling when I first switched to a pump!

The saline run has been GREAT!!! I got the Medtronic Minimed 722. What pump are you on?

Im switching from the deltec cosmo to the omnipod. Are you going to do the CGM with the minimed? That is a very cool feature.

No I’m not using that yet. I was told that my insurance won’t cover it till mine 25. I guess thats not too bad!!!