Pump Name

If you are like me I have a nic name for my pump besides be my BFFE I call it Nag

What do you call your pump?

I don’t really call it anything besides “my pump” unless it’s beeping. Then it’s “@#$^% thing” instead.
Once while low I did name all of my colleague’s office furniture. His filing drawers became Valkyrie, Thor, and Odin; his coffeemaker was Merle. I guess my anthropomorphizing only happens when I’m loopy.

Ophelia is my pump, Hamlet is my CGMS and Horatio is my meter. For someone reason I was in a Shakespeare mood when I got my pump and the trend just carried over to other things.

Well this olde foggy doth not have a pump (yet) looking into that though…

NAMES…well I found this thread funny… WHY…

Well I have names for lots of gadgets. (maybe I am not as wierd as I thought?

CAR, Buick LeSabre while with rounded lines is Marshmellow.

CANE (I said I was olde) is solid acrylic and named Crystal (obvious?)

BRACES, I wear walking braces and they are named Michael & Angelo…
because they were made of formed steel made from casts of my feet and lower leg. So Michael + Angelo = Michael Angelo, sculpter, paintter etc

Hearing Aids are Beethoven first (left) and Beethoven second, now I don’t think I need to tell anyone here who he was.

I keep my syringes and pin needles in a yellow cup with a smiley face on it, just think I am greeted with a smile every time I grab a needle or syringe. So a little quiet humor greets medaily before inflicting pain upon my body…