Pump not pimed msg

I've had this pump since 2011 and in the last few weeks I've gotten several times pump not primed error message and I know its primed as well I saw it primed. Why on earth is the pump telling me that when I know its primed?? I cant afford to get a new pump or get it fixed so what do you guys do when you see that?? again I've only had this thing since for a few years. thanks!

I've seen that too. I'm fairly new to the pump. I just skipped to "prime", and primed it again and it seemed ok.

mine does that too occasionally, i think its a glitch. i have primed it again after disconnecting with little to no insulin and it goes away. i seem to remember another time pressing ok and it stopped without having to prime it again, but i can't say for sure. you would think it shouldn't happen though!

Hi Amy,

You've probably got a loose reservoir cap. Whenever I get that error, it's always because the black reservoir cap (with the tubing coming out of it) has slightly wiggled itself loose from the pump.

I just snug it down, prime it with zero units, then continue on with life. No need to remove the infusion set.

Cheers, Mike

Thanks Mike...while I was in the hospital I had a right side weakness and that would explain why it was acting up while in the hospital but I've been out almost three weeks now so maybe my right arm is still trying to get stronger. I'll check to see if its a bit loose. it does go away but it drives me crazy!

I prime it again but oy it drives me crazy tho! Its already bad enough that the clip breaks every few months and I am not paying another $20 for another clip.

welcome to the new world of pumping! i love it better than shots.

Have you called the pump company? They should be able to walk you through a check of your pump.

I dont hear well on the phone...I pretty much trouble shoot a lot of stuff on my own....Its working fine now and I did check the cap...