Pump Restriction is Working

Last Friday I was put on pump restriction by my endo. I wasn't going to follow her instructions, but decided to not make any adjustments per her request. I have totally changed my diet in the last few days and my numbers are looking really good. Wake up in the morning in the 90's and not going any higher than 140 during the day. I wonder how long this will last since Christmas and ample food is around the corner?

I am now having really good mental days since my numbers are good. Something I haven't had in months. Life is good when your numbers are good; but just so you know diabetes still SUCKS!

How did you change your diet? Diet alone can have a big effect on your numbers. And I do think that having good numbers helps your mood and thinking.

I am now eating around 100 carbs a day instead of 200+ what a big differance it has made. Also no more snacking after dinner.

What does "pump restriction" mean?

My endo told me I wasn't allowed to change the settings on my pump anymore unless I call and get her permission. So I call this pump restriction.

I'm curious too on how you changed your diet, its a hard thing to do, i've been trying for years.....

Thrilled to hear the good news!

You can make it through Christmas goodie bounty. Remember how good you feel now & ask yourself if it's really worth it to be bouncing all over the place. Honestly, no food is worth it to me, so I take a small bite if it's too good to resist (most things are resistible) & that's it. The first taste always tastes the best anyway:) After that, it's the law of diminishing returns.

Omlette in the morning; half sandwich for lunch; salad and chicken breast for dinner. Breakfast is around 15 carbs. lunch is around 25 and dinner is around 40. When I exercise during the day I will eat a snack before I start of around 20 carbs.

My endo told me it wasn't possible for a t-1 diabetic to keep there numbers between 70 and 140.
I had to prove her wrong and this is where all my motivation is coming from. It sure feels good getting up in the morning and my numbers are in normal range instead of over 200.

Christmas is going to be hard do to my sweet tooth. I will probably be doing alot of excercising that day.

It is nearly impossible for a diabetic to eat the ADA style high carb diet and keep their blood sugars in the range of 70-140 all the time. It is however quite reasonable for many T1s to keep their blood sugar on target (70-140 mg/dl) virtually all the time by restricting carbs and proper and careful management of their insulin regime.

There are lots of things in this world which can make you feel good for a while (like Xmas sweets). But in the end, there is a downside. I hate the downside. I have given up those sweets and I have to tell you, after a while I don't miss them and don't crave them. I'm sure I would still enjoy them in the few minutes of eating them, but I can't live with the results. I'm not suffering with my choice, I just choose different foods that make me happy.