Pump rumors omnipod/tslim

Hi All - Just wanted to hear if anyone has heard anything about these rumors/dates.

  1. Closed loop system with omnipod & dexcom. Saw different reports of when that may happen, Maybe mid-end of 2021? I would love a closed loop system
  2. Heard a rumor that the T-slim could go tubeless with their current closed loop system? Anyone hear that?

Insulet just had their earnings call. OmniPod 5 will enter limited release soon and general availability is expected for next year.


Here is info on the Patch pump, T:Sport

From tandem website.

t:sport Insulin Delivery System*

Our next-generation hardware platform is referred to under its development name, t:sport. Approximately half the size of our t:slim X2 pump, the t:sport pump is being designed for people who seek even greater discretion and flexibility with the use of their insulin pump. We anticipate that t:sport will feature a 200-unit cartridge, an on-pump bolus button, a rechargeable battery, an AID algorithm, and a Bluetooth radio. We anticipate that t:sport will be our first insulin pump to support full pump-control from our mobile application, subject to FDA review and approval.

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The T:sport was supposed to be released this summer, but it’s gotten pushed back to the end of the year now.

And for what it’s worth, it’s not 100% tubeless. It will still adhere to you like an Omnipod, and be even smaller… But it’s not disposable. It’s supposed to be used with little 4-inch lengths of tubing to attach to whatever infusion set works best for you. You can choose steel or tephlon, and if using the latter, you can choose auto or manual insertion and a few different angle options.

I think the regular infusion site is far better than the pod.
The thing I didn’t like about the pod was there are not options for sets. And I hate that you can’t see it, you can’t feel it.
This tsport seems like a real good hybrid, but we need to wait to see what it really looks like when it comes

I think the key difference is ability to remote bolus/operate pump and see pump info on phone. Hoping it would otherwise have similar options to tslim.

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@Helmut I think you are on DIY Loop, right? If so, will you remain on Loop or switch to the OmniPod 5?

I would like to continue on DIY Loop, and I hope the Eros pods will continue to be available.

@Trying Currently OmniPod 5 has 2 downsides for me:

  1. No iPhone support. That will most likely change later in the year.
  2. Restricted target range. I am running at 80 mg/dL. I expect low end for OmniPod 5 to be 100 mg/dL.

I will not be in a hurry to change over. There will be upside to OmniPod 5 too.

  1. OmniPod 5 will be sold through pharmacy channel only. I expect lower cost as result.
  2. No need to carry RileyLink/OrangeLink and iPhone.

My best guess it that I will switch to OmniPod 5 sometime next year. I will make no effort to be first in line.

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@Helmut I agree with your comments. I also have my range set to 80 and would not want to target a higher BG.

I’m fine with Android though as I only use iPhone now for Loop. I was under the impression that their loop algorithm would run only on their locked down device which happens to be an Android OS. I thought this meant that it could not be used for anything other than for looping, meaning no additional apps could be installed nor could it be used as a cellular phone. I may be wrong though.

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@Trying, the OmniPod 5 algo runs in the pod itself. No outside connection needed other than for adjustments and bolusing. For me no iPhone support is a deal breaker. I remember several times when I arrived at a restaurant and did not have the PDM with me. Not good. I drive a Tesla now for which my iPhone is the key. There is no way to forget the ‘PDM’ anymore. I am a perfectionist/minimalist. Little things like this are very important/appealing to me.

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Omnipod might be back on my radar hearing that the 5 won’t require the secondary device (and knowing their looping system is coming). My T:slim and the upcoming T:sport both have “quick bolus” buttons to allow incremental boluses without interacting with a screen. Will the 5 have anything like that?

I am pretty sure that OmniPod 5 will not have a “quick bolus” button.

A “quick bolus” button was high on my wishlist when I forgot to take my PDM with me. The clunky, pre-historic thing was too big and heavy to live in my pocket. Since I switched to DIY Loop in July 2019 I have not once forgotten to take my iPhone with me. My iPhone lives in my pocket. A “quick bolus” button no longer makes the top 10 on my wishlist.

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