So I had my pre-pump appointment

Let's see. Well first of all, I got told I can only get a medtronic because my endo prefers that for the whole carelink and all that it records. Apparently the Animas and Tandem pumps don't cover the same amount of info so I'm kinda stuck with a medtronic if I want my pump , which I think I'll go for it. Gotta see when the medtronic guy gets back to me (which should be before Tuesday) . I also got upset at the idea of a bayer meter I don't like those, and fortunately my cde had an ultra link floating around so I got hers . I need to wipe the numbers on it off (as there's some cray numbers on it I don't know what's up with that lol) . She insisted that I used a link meter so I ended up with that.

As far as everything else though, I got to try a 530g without the sensor. I played for a while with it then got to try a quickset ...the 9mm seems too big but I didn't kink it which seems like an accomplishment as I did the whole thing by myself and it looked really complicated but worked out fine (didn't hurt either) and I got to try it out with saline in her office. Gave myself a gross red mark that I can't use as an injection site though :( lol. But it's okay , it did not hurt at all and I really liked what I saw with it and it was fun to play around with and test out how to suspend it (lots of beep boop beeps lol) and all of that.

Hopefully the medtronic dude gets back to me about insurance crap by Tuesday. It sounds like I have the option of the 523 and the 530g...I'm kinda leaning towards the 523 for now as I don't really wanna hassle with a sensor but who knows. She did tell me she won't make me keep those if I get the 530g and don't like them, and she said she won't be starting me with the sensors right away, probably a month of normal pump usage first. We'll just have to see how this goes but it looks like I"m getting the purple medtronic after all.

I use the Medtronic 723 (the 523 but bigger) with the Dexcom sensor. I don't use the link meter, but a One Touch. The Carelink software will download different types of meters; I download my One Touch on it. If you really don't want a certain meter, then talk to your CDE again.

Woot Woot!! I love my Revel 523, and when the warranty goes on it I will get another. I don't think you have to invoke the sensor gig on the 530 ever if you don't want to. I know you don't have to on the Revel but it is able if I change my mind. I hope your insurance comes through just fine :)

I tried to talk her into just letting me use my ultra 2 but she wants all of the data she can get from me, and this is the only thing I could do. I was gonna just do the ultra 2 and dump it into there but she insists I have a link meter. CDE doesn't wanna budge , I tried to talk to her about it and this is the best option, using the ultra link. I compared it to my Ultra 2 and the ultra 2 said 96 and the ultralink said 104 . I can trust that, only 8 numbers different not like the bayer meter I have which is often 40-50 mg/dL off. I can settle with the ultralink if it means having a decent time with the pump and I think I'll enjoy the pump itself. The only turn off for the minimed for me the whole time has bee the CGM (which I heard sucks and the dexcom is better so we'll see...if I absolutely need a cgm I'll fight for a dex I guess) .

Good to hear. I'm hoping so on the insurance too D: lol.

Oh I'm gonna interrogate this guy because I want to know the best option on my insurance. I don't want to risk spending more money than I have to (well making my mom do that whatever, we don't have thaaaaat much money but a pump itself on insurance should not be too much more than my current supplies) .

I mean that she won't force me to use the sensors if I get the 530g and don't like the sensors, does that make sense?

As far as I know, my deductible's not met yet, so I'm a tad worried ( my mom's making me worry a bunch about this).

I'd consider trying the enlites, but at the same time I'm like I just wanna learn the pump and I worry the cgm is inaccurate anyway and that'd make my anxiety go through the roof more than not having it and just upping my test strip rx again or something.

I'll likely keep the bayer meter as another back up but I'd jump for my ultra 2 long before that. I really don't like the bayer I have and it disgusted me after the 89 reading for something that was actually a hypo.

Waiting for my mom to approve the price stuff. HOPEFULLY she can work something out so I can have it. But I'm getting the 530g in purple. Hopefully it'll work out.

And it's approved! I'll probably get it on Friday ...where it'll wait at my house for a month which kinda concerns me, I don't think I can return it then if I don't like it enough? I really need to call the CDE and see if I can get in earlier. Will play hooky to get it.