Question about auto injectors from new t:slim user

I’m getting my new t:slim this week and was wondering about using auto injectors for my infusion sets. I use the Quick Set on my current Medtronic pump, so that is what my supplier ordered for me to use on the t:slim. But they tell me my Medtronic auto injectors won’t work with this infusion set, and that there are no auto injectors for t:slim sets, except for the inset 30, which has an attached injector.

Does anyone have experience with manually inserting the Quick Sets with the t:slim? Or using the inset 30 auto injectors? Just wondering if I need to exchange all the Quick Sets I ordered for inset 30s. Thank you!

There used to be a Quickset for what is called Luer Lo©k, which is what most typical pumps use EXCEPT medtronic, asante, and someone else… It is actually considered a standard for connecting infusion sets… That said… There are options… if you need an inserter-able set, You could try, the Accouchek Ultraflex which is similar to the quickset but uses its own type of inserter… You could try to get the Quicksets for Luer Lock, (which seem to have a Ref number of MMT-393)… Iv tried the inset 30 and its a bit hit or miss… For some reason they tend to be a bit heat sensitive… You also could try the animas Inset (which is more similar to the quickset than the 30)… but I thought it was more of a pain than it was worth (The inset is similar to the MIO)… You are NOT limited to tandem’s sets!.. Even though practically ALL the sets are made by the SAME vendor… (exception is the cleo .tandems other set with a built in inserter)…

I think you can use most of the insets with the tslim: I have used regular inset, cleos which both have injectors as well as another which was manually inserted. I have switched to contact detach with a steel needle due to failures with the plastic cannulas. If you use the steel needles it’s manual insertion and make sure to pinch the skin up- it’s very easy to do, I’ve only had a problem once when it was hurting in one area and I removed it and re-inserted somewhere else.

I’ve used the inset 30s for the past 6+ years and couldn’t be happier with them. They are very reliable and easy to use.


No problems with the inset 30s sticking to the inserter?.. Or taking longer than other sets to settle in… I used to have to temp basal for at least 3 hours after inserting one… A lot of my problems went away when I ditched the inserter and went to the manual equivalent (comfort)

Iv tried metal sets but have had problems bleeding out even if i insert them and they look ok… sometimes hours later it will look like i got shot with all the blood?

I’ve had no problems. I sometimes float a little high after insertion but nothing special.