Question about sensors

It has been a while since I have had a Dexcom unit, and am upgrading to the VIBE pump this month.

Who do we order the sensors from? Will Animas sell them or do we have to go to Dexcom?

I do not see anything online at the Animas E-store.

So - just curious as to what I need to do to make the pump upgrade worthwhile.

You probably need to check with your insurance company to see who your supplier will be. Mine uses Edgepark, however the rep. for Animas sends reminders when it is close to time to reorder a new transmitter (they only last about 6 months) and the receiver only is under warranty for 1 year.

When we submit our application to Animas, it's treated as a separate application to Dexcom...Animas does it for us. Dex deals with our Docs and the insurers on approval and coverage. They then submit the order to a DME supplier approved by the insurer.
I received a box on Monday from DSC out of Utah including 30 sensors and a transmitter, a 3 month supply. It appears at this point that I have no copay on the CGM part. My application for the Vibe was submitted within 24 hours of it's appearance on the Animas website...12/2

Hope that helps

Yes. This does help. Thanks