Have you switched from the Animas Ping to the Tandem t:slim?

My Ping warranty expired a few months ago. I am ready to get a new pump. I loved my Ping, however my favorite feature has been the meter remote. As this is will not be available on the Vibe, I don't think I am interested in it. Also, when I am wearing my pump inside a dress, I don't like not being able to keep track of my CGM. With the Vibe, I lose the ability to remotely bolus and see my CGM when wearing my pump inside my clothes. The options I am considering is getting a new Ping or the t:slim. I like features on the t:slim. My CDE mentioned that one concern is for insulin sensitive users, like me. She mentioned it does not "reverse correct" until your BG is under 70. She said it would be significant for me, but if I am under my goal I can get around it by putting in a fictitious BG of 69 to calculate a reverse correct. Any thoughts on this issue, especially for those who are insulin sensitive?
Any thoughts about your experience in changing from the Ping to the t:slim?
Thank you for sharing your thoughts to help me make this important decision.

I've seen the term "reverse correct" before but I'm unsure of its actual meaning. Does it mean that it will subtract some insulin from a calculated bolus dose because you're currently below your target BG? Or perhaps a reverse correction will suggest a X number of carbs to correct a BG below your target number. What's your understanding of a reverse correction?

It means the former. It also takes into account IOB if you are below target, & subtracts insulin. It is only a suggestion you can enter the original carb dose if desired.

For me, I've learned that if I subtract from my carb dose when I'm low or "lowish" I will go high. In other words I need the full bolus for the carbs i consume regardless of blood sugar. I compensate for lows by either treating first and waiting till I come up to target or if I'm not very low just eating and then testing after I eat and bolusing when the food starts bringing me up.

I'm in the same position as you, Phyl, my Ping is coming out of warranty this month and I really want to retain my meter remote. I also, unlike, it seems 98% of Type 1's, have no desire for a CGM, so another Ping is the logical choice for me. Now if I could just decide between pink and silver!

Can you explain for us less informed non pumpers the differences between the ping and vibe? I only know that the vibe can be integrated with dex- though not entirely sure what benefit thst even provides except perhaps not having to carry the separate dex receivers. If I do ever go to pumping, animas will be near the top of my list because they are waterproof… And whether work, play, or bad weather induced I am often soaking wet

Have you called Animas to see if you can still purchase the Ping? I know that I am very happy with my Dexcom4 but prefer to have the separate devices. I don't use the remote at all - don't like the Png meter - too big to fit in my pants pockets when I am outside.

The Ping is their older model that is linked with a meter remote and the vibe is the newest model that is linked with the Dexcom. Just like every other pump they can only link one device such as a meter or a Dexcom. The Animas is waterproof in the beginning but I have had two different instances where I somehow made it un-waterproof and the pump broke. In my efforts to prevent this I have gone with the trusty zip-loc and duct tape.

The added benfit beyond only having to carry one device would be knowing the trends of your blood sugar so you could better treat lows before they happen or prevent post meal highs. You are not supposed to treat any BG based on the dexcom or what shows up on your pump so testing your finger is still very important. Overall having one system is nice and I actually don't mind having the T:Slim now because I press so many less buttons. Check out this blog post and you will see what I mean. http://integrateddiabetes.com/pumping-ease-of-use-matters/

But, somewhat oddly, the Vibe isn’t compatable with the latest Dexcom updates. It’s using an older version, locked in by the Ludditrd at the FDA…

I have a t:slim, just started a few weeks ago, and my first pump, did MDI for the past twelve years. I'm extremely happy with it overall, I played with a few other pumps but haven't actually used any others. The lack of reverse correction above 70 is mildly annoying, but I find I can mentally adjust for it pretty easily. The pump doesn't know the trajectory of your BGs anyway--I suppose that'll be a next step toward "closing the loop"--so you have to factor trajectory in anyway, e.g. if you know you're 70 and dropping that's very different than being 70 and rising. My Tandem rep did say that she thought based on all the feedback the lack of reverse correction above 70 might get tweaked in an update, but who knows if that'll happen or when.