Quick-Set disconnect problem!

In the past month I have had two quick-set infusion sets have problems with the disconnect. They start out connected just fine but somehow work themselves “loose” causing my bg to rise dangerously from lack of insulin infusion (this is when I wish I had a cgm). The first time it happened it completely disconnected without me realizing it as I had my pump in my pajama pocket. The second time it just wasn’t turned completely, although I had not disconnected and it had been fine earlier in the day.

I have had other problems with the quick-set because bent cannulas upon insertion and have gone back to the silhouette infusion sets that I had left over from a few years back. Now I am wondering where to go from here. I quit using the silhouette because of the longer cannula and harder to manually insert. (I’m going to read all the former threads on the quick-set topic). Thanks!

This is a very common problem with the quick-set. The quick-set was the first infusion set I used and I had occlusions due to bent cannulas multiple times a week. It drove me crazy! I didn’t know there were other types of infusion sets till someone gave me a Mio set to try. Not long after that, I decided to switch. I’ve been using the Mio for several years now and bent cannulas have become very rare. The few remaining occlusions are mostly due to changing cannulas too late.

Highly recommend sure t. No more bent cannulas. Less time to heal, less painful insertion. Never tried mio though so can’t compare to them but have used both silhouette and quickset and they really didn’t suit me.

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This is exactly why I started using the Mio infusion sets. Have not had any issues with cannulas or tubing since the switch.

Do you use the disconnect feature daily for showering, dressing, and other activities? I’ve found when I thought I reconnected after a shower, I didn’t hear or feel the confirming click when it reconnects. I only discovered it when my blood sugar unexpectedly marched toward the heavens. I’ve used all manner of disconnect-at-the site infusion sets and I can’t remember when one that failed at the disconnect hub. Not impossible, but for me, not likely.

I hope you figure out what’s going on a return to good BGs!

Edited to add: Is this the infusion set you’re having problems with?

Does this set require you to pinch two opposing tabs toward each other to permit the infusion ring to turn to the disconnect position?

So I found this close-up depiction of the MiniMed Quick-set in a training video:

The insulin delivery and locked position is where the ring blue triangle matches up to the outer blue dash. The triangle to triangle match-up permits disconnection/reconnection.

Unless there is a product defect (it happens) I can’t see how incidental movement while sleeping could cause pinching those two tabs together, at the same time, to release the infusion set.

I switched completely to Mio after having recurring kinking issues. Mio is superior in several aspects if you ask me - it’s compact all in one packaging, painless insertion, smaller yet effective patch and ZERO kinking. The disadvantages are the connection type, I like the quick-set connector and the limited length options.

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I know how it is supposed to work and how it seemed to have worked. First time I have had problems but they were definitely not clicking in and out as usual. Guess I should have called medtronic but they would just make it user error.

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They would cost me more…but they would be better health investment. Is the plastic recyclable? I feel so wasteful already.

I have no idea if the leftover housing on the Mio sets are recyclable. I just snap the lid back on them and toss them in the trash container. I’ve had more than a few Medtronic Quick sets that did not click into a locking position when used correctly. Rather than gamble with them, I switched to an infusion set that I know is bulletproof in terms of working correctly without issue.