Random OmniPod Questions

Hi All!

I will be getting started on my OmniPod 12/30…great timing, right? (As my CDE said in her email “while we don’t endorse heavy drinking anway, it is NYE…” haha!) Anywho - I have some random pod questions that maybe some of you will be able to answer…

*Ladies - where do you wear your OmniPod when you wear a dress? I tried some on when I had the fake pod on and didn’t like how it looked on my back. Can you wear it on your inner thigh?

*Can you go tanning with your pod on? I’m assuming no, but I have minutes leftover from my wedding that I need to use. I could always go b/w switches.

*Do you really have to be able to “pinch an inch” where you want to wear your pod?

*How does drinking work with the pod? I don’t party all the time, but I do enjoy going out dancing and having a few drinks w/ friends every now and then…

Well…those are the questions I can come up with now. I’m sure I’ll have more once I get started on my pump :o)


Hey, I can’t help you with most of the questions, but I have worn the pod on my inner thigh, and it works, but it is probably one of my least favorite places to wear it. You should be able to pinch up at least a little skin where you are going to put it, but I ALWAYS pinch up the skin when the cannula is being inserted. You can put it on a lot of places, but stay away from your ribs! I placed it there one time on my left side near my ribs, and it was a long three days…I hope that you enjoy the pod as much as I do!

Ladies - where do you wear your OmniPod when you wear a dress? I tried some on when I had the fake pod on and didn’t like how it looked on my back. Can you wear it on your inner thigh?
The inner thigh is my fav spot for the pod. I do wear it on my lower back, stomach and still looking for more places.
I don’t drink at all, can’t answer that question.

For a dress I wear it on my stomach but the dress I was wearing had the bunch stuff there, so it kind of hid it.
I don’t know about the tanning.
It’s suggested that you be able to “pinch and inch” as to the cannula going somewhere it’s not supposed to.
I don’t drink, but I’ve seen people say that it’s just like shots. Just watch you BS.

Just make sure that you eat before and while you’re drinking. That keeps your blood sugar from spiking and then crashing.

And don’t overdo it. That SHOULD go without saying- but things happen. My own tolerance is very low ( a cheap drunk in the flesh!) so 2 drinks is sometimes pushing the limit.

Re: drinking. I’m sure everyone is different, and it probably depends on what you’re drinking, but I find that alcohol lowers my BG level, particularly with something like a martini, which is basically pure gin. Wine is a little different because you tend to drink more volume, but be careful no matter what you drink. I find I do better if I eat along with my drinks. If you think you might get a hangover the next day, drink plenty of water throughout the evening – at least one glass for every drink (good advice for non-diabetics, too). Take a few strips and lancets along with you and test at least a time or two to see how you’re doing, adjusting food intake accordingly.

I wear my pod on my lower back or stomach- never had an issue with dresses. It does bulge a little but I have never had anyone ask me what it was =) I wish I could help on the other issues but I dont tan or drink and I definitely have an inch to pinch on my lower back and stomach =)

My 2 year old wears a pod, and I can’t find an inch to pinch anywhere, but the pod inserts fine in what sub-cutaneous (fancy word for “fat”) tissue I can find, and I do gently pinch up at the site while it’s inserting. You wonder how those Team Type 1 bikers do it… I don’t think they have much fat to pinch, either!

Hi there! I have tanned with the pod on, I usually tried to go when it was getting close to the end of my 3 days of wearing it though. I think (as gross as this sounds!) if you sweat when you tan, it can make the pod not feel as secure. So, tanning with the pod worked for me, but wasn’t that great. I wear dresses all the time with my pod and even today I’m wearing a high waisted pencil skirt and you can’t see the pod. I wear the pod on my lower back 90 % of the time. Sometimes I wear it right under the top of my jeans, if that makes sense, like right under the rise of the jean and it doesn’t show there. I have absolutely LOVED my pod and the quality of life has gone way up since receiving my pod 8 months ago. As for the pinch an inch business, I found that it feels better on softer parts of your body, but I don’t think an inch is totally vital. Although, like someone else said, stay away from ribs…ow. Happy pumping!