Omnipod + wedding?

Hi all, I’m getting married in January and my fiance just mentioned this to me the other day: “So where are you going to put your omnipod for the wedding?” I usually wear it on my arm, but I don’t want it to be super obvious for photos (as proud as I am of my pump)! Another option is my stomach, but I’m going to have a bustier thingy on, so it won’t be completely flat. My third and final option is my leg, but I’m worried it will malfunction during the ceremony-- I’ve had the unfortunate experience of a pod malfunctioning a day and a half after putting it on for no apparent reason. I would hate to beep like crazy in the middle of mass!

Any suggestions? Anybody out there who has encountered something like this?

Congratulations on your wedding!

I got married a year ago. I have a Cozmo pump and wore it in a pocket that was sewn inside my wedding dress.

I don’t have a pod, but i would guess that upper buttocks or thighs might be the best options (though it depends on the dress)…

Hey congrats on the wedding!!

I’d love to help ya but I’m on shots and I’ve never worn a dress.

Okay just that once.

I would your boo-tie would be the best spot.

I say this with no omnipod experince, but it was what came to mind first.

i’m a pod user also and that is a thought that i constantly think about, too! although i’m not engaged, yet…still working on that one! but if your dress isn’t too tight in your lower back region, maybe try it there…i happen to like that spot until i go to lay down for bed and it’s a little uncomfortable…i haven’t tried my “booty” (lol) yet…congrats on your wedding! let me know what you decided! for future reference!! and off the subject…but how long did it take to get your regulated?? this is my first “pump” and i’ve had it for almost 5 months and not regulated yet :frowning: very frustrated…


I love having my pod on my lower back and inner thigh. I was married before the omnipod. Where did you have it on your thigh? Congrat’s on the wedding…January is a great month

I would just switch to shots for the day.

not a good idea…i went on the pump to regulate. with all the running around that day, i will not stay stable. =(

i had it on…well, lemme say this. when i put pants on, it looked like i had something in my pocket. how did you put it on your inner thigh? i’m afraid mine would fall off if i hit it! =P

i think my best bet is to put it on my thigh and pray it doesn’t malfunction and go off during the ceremony.

i’ve regulated for the most part…i can’t remember how long it took me though, but this is the 5th month i’ve been on the pump. it was definitely more of a challenge when i moved to the east coast since i walk around a LOT more than when i was in california. good luck, i hope you regulate soon! =)

thankfully my dress has a big poof of a skirt so i can wear it in either of those places, providing it doesn’t get in the way of the undergarments or vice versa!

LOL! i need to see pictures as proof! =P

i’m trying two spots in the next few weeks or so: upper buttocks/lower back (whichever will work with the corset thingamajig), and thigh again. i forgot to mention that i would be wearing spanx underneath my dress so i hope it’ll ensure the pod stays in place. although it might be a pain if i need to go to the bathroom, haha

Hi Faye,
I am not sure if this would work for you, but I was thinking the upper buttocks might get umcomfortable after a while after the wedding. Anyway, one of my daughters wore this pair of stretchy lace glove like things over her forearms for her wedding. They were white and did not cover her fingers at all, but the backs of her hands and a little of the thumb and up over her wrist and her forearme almost to her elbow. They were really pretty and had this one little stretchy piece that went between her two middle fingers and the rest just stretched up her arms. She loved the look of them and the lace was very elegant and very pretty with her tan. My point is this, if your pod might fit on your forearm under the lace on the inside of your arm, it would be reachable if necessary and yet out of the way for other activity. She got married 8 years ago and got these at the bridal shop. My daughter has dark hair like yours and had this gorgeous tan for her wedding and everyone commented on how pretty the lace was. I was thinking that when I get my pod, one of the places that I would use was the fleshy part of my forearm. This is just a thought and if it works out for you or helps, then I am happy. Good luck.

Hi Faye!

I wore my insulin pump during my wedding ceremony - my seamstress created a special pocket in my gown for the pump to hide in. It was completely concealed, yet easily accessible. I wrote about it on my blog here:

If there’s anything I can help with, please let me know! And enjoy the planning!!!

I wear mine on the inside or the outside of my leg! May want to place it on the outsie on your wedding nite! Works great for me! Could not be better!

You will need help going to the bathroom anyway! :slight_smile: You know a good friend, when they are ready to help :slight_smile:

You don’t need to keep your tester with you all the time! Place the pod & leave your tester in the dressing room untill you need to eat!

haha yeah, i was going to leave the PDM with my mom (who will be sitting in the front row). my fiance offered to keep it in his pocket during the ceremony, but that is quite a honker!

Hi Kerri! Yours was actually the first post I stumbled across regarding wearing a pump with a wedding dress. Alas, I don’t have a traditional pump, but an OmniPod. Not sure if I’m totally missing things, but there have been no other posts/discussions about an OmniPod with a wedding dress.

The planning is going great…I’m feeling the crunch though, with all the day-of details! (O_o)