Rash and dry skin

I have been on the omnipod and for the first time I seem to have a red blotch and dry skin where I put it. Any suggestions? I know after all this time that I am not allergic to the adhesive, but any ideas on how to take care of it?

I had the same problem. The first problem was that my skin itched when the pod was still in place. This reaction was caused by the prep with alcohol. My skin does not like alcohol. I no longer use alcohol. Instead I attach the pod after a shower. The second problem was skin irritation after ripping the pod off. Ripping the pod off is what a manly man does. I had to find different ways to show off my manhood. I now use Uni-Solve like all the other wimps out there. I have zero skin problem. Before I made these 2 changes my skin problems were so bad that I could not have continued to use the pod.