Re-chargable batteries for Cozmo pump?

I am using the Deltec Cozmo pump and am wondering whether it makes a difference if I use re-chargable batteries in my pump. I used to use them, but then I noticed a warning in the User Manual that says not to use rechargable because the battery meter does not read them accurately and that they may perform inconsistently.

Anyone have any experience or information about this???

They say that your not supposed to use rechargable batteries.I think they are more concerned about people not getting the proper doses of insulin because of batteries that have weaken

We just pick up our daughters pump…now it’s time to learn how to use it…I did ask about rechargables, it’s not recomended because the battery slowly losses the same amount of recharging power with each charge and the pump does not recognize that and you battey could be running low and the pump will miss that… it sure would be nice is we could use them

I would not use rechargables. Lithium batteries seem to work fine, and last much longer. But, they die very quickly, within a few hours of then they no longer show as a full charge on the battery meter.
As a T12, I am not worried, I can go without insulin for a few hours with no problem, but lithiums might be a problem for a T1.