Re-learned a valuable lesson today

Always and I do mean ALWAYS pack extra supplies. Today could have turned out so much worse had I not had an extra Rx on file for Humalog Quick Pens I would have had to wait nearly 30 minutes for any insulin at all. I was changing the cartridge on the T:Slim and for some reason which was most likely human error the pump would not accept the new cartridge so we (my husband and myself) were stuck with no way to get insulin into me and we needed to fix a high of 300 (site gave out prior to change). Needless to say had we just had extra supplies everything would have turned out well. Note to Self and all other Pumpers... Pack twice as much as you think you need because you never know when something will break.

Keep on pumping,

We are going out of town for a few days to visit family. Even though it’s only a couple of hours drive I am packing double what I should need for my son for our trip for this exact reason. Having his pump malfunction or having a site go bad 250 miles from home terrifies me! I’d rather have to many than not enough. Extra vial of Novolog, double sites, double cartridges plus Lantus and syringes just to be safe :slight_smile:

FYI, if this happens in the future, you can also refill the existing catridge (treat as a new one). While not ideal, I have reused the existing cartridge on more than one occassion without any problems.