Supplies for a trip

I am getting ready for a trip to Tanzania that will last any were from 3 weeks to 3 months.

I am trying to get a check list ready of any and every thing that I could need when I am there. Any thoughts comments or advice would be great..

Thanks Greg

You might talk to your insurance company and explain the situation. They might grant a “one-time exception” to give you a few months of supplies to last through the trip. I have done this successfully when a trip would caused me to run out of supplies while away. - Allen

Sounds like you have a plan…Have a good time on your trip…Darlene

I agree with taking twice the supplies you need. Here’s my list (I’ve been on the road, across the country, across the ocean and all over since June):

Infusion sets (I count at least 1 for every 2 days even though I usually change every 3-4)
Skin prep
cartridges (almost double what I expect)
insulin (I work out how much I would need for the full time then take an extra couple vials)
Frio wallet (some places I knew I wouldn’t have access to a refrigerator)
Extra batteries (one usually lasts me 6 wks in my ping so again, calculate what I’d need for the time then two extras)
spare cartridge cap
spare battery cap
vacation loaner pump (available from Animas, just call your rep or customer care for more details)
pen needle with tips
2 spare meters (I use One Touch mini for spares so they don’t take up much extra space)
Test strips (I calculate the number by minimum 5x per day then add an extra box just in case)
Liquid bandaid or IV covers (to ensure infusion sets stay in if I’m paddling somewhere and I’m having issues with them sticking) **as an aside, beware of sunscreen, it will cause your sets to fall out!

All this stuff takes up a lot of space but I’d much rather have everything with me and be prepared then try to find what I need in some strange place. Besides, as the trip goes on, you’ll have more space in your luggage for souvenirs!
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Great list Leanne. I have had to buy new luggage (both carrry-on and check in) to accomodate pumping and CGM supplies since switching over from multiple injections. While traveling I now use a rolling briefcase so I can carry on many of the supplies and have bought some packing cubes (from eBags) to keep them organized.

Thanks. This looks like the list i have started .