Reaction to Pfizer Vaccine Dose 1

I had my first Pfizer dose on 3/24/21. My arm was sore for a day or two, but no other symptoms as a result of the shot. My second dose will be on 4/14/21. I feel very fortunate to finally get the vaccine! Over the last year, I have had multiple daily interactions each work week with the public, both at the Office and out in the Maintenance Assessment District. I have certainly worried a lot about bringing COVID-19 home to my retired spouse. Fortunately, that did not happen! Great news for me is she now qualifies for getting vaccinations and had her first dose of Moderna on 4/6/21. :smiley:

I am a 61 year old T1D and had my first Moderna shot 2 weeks ago and I also had chills the next day then it was over but I am still having muscle and joint aches, which is a common reaction but not for this long, however I’ve had no issues with my blood glucose levels like some have posted. I hear younger people with strong immune systems also have stronger reactions. Being a T1D I was thinking I am having a strong reaction because I have a hyperactive immune system, which a one point caused my diabetes? I tried to do some search on this but have not found much on the topic other than this post. Any thoughts on this?

I have wondered the same thing about strong immune systems. Note: I am 65 and have had T1D for 52 years.
We will learn more as younger people become eligible for the vaccine…

I think my reaction was big because I had Covid last year but it was a very mild case. I felt like I had a bad cold. I didn’t know it was covid until I had antibody testing.

So my body was already set up to fight it.