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Have been using Dexcom G6 for a couple of months now. Everyone’s experience is different but, for me, it’s been life changing and I love it. Issue is, I want to be able to view readings on a watch. I have a Samsung Galaxy s10 watch (Droid) Dexcom website says “Now the Dexcom G6 mobile app is compatible with Apple and Android watches.” So I then looked up best smartwatch for Droid users and purchased Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch. My Samsung phone connects just fine with DC receiver but couldn’t get phone to connect DC readings to new watch. Then called DC Tech Support. Person said it was because I needed to download WEAR OS onto my phone then it would work. Did that. Still got error message when trying to connect DC on phone to watch. Didn’t. Called Tech Support back yesterday and a different person said “No. Watch you have doesn’t work with DC G6…” I was FURIOUS! Spent 250 on a watch that doesn’t work w/DC. Due to lack of complete, accurate info on DC website plus tech staff not be fully trained in Smart Devices, I’m waiting for a supervisor to call me back and will be requesting reimbursement for watch I purchased. Is there anyone out there who’s using a Samsung Galaxy s10 phone and a smartwatch that connects w/phone and shows DC readings??

I know that the data can seem complex, but when I was searching, I realized that the watch needed to run Wear OS which very much restricted my choices, since the Samsung devices are often the best Android compatible watches.

Although I don’t do this any more, if I made a mistake on an electronic purchase, particularly something that cost several hundred dollars, I would resell it on EBay, Amazon, or Craigslist for 75% of the original cost, and if lightly used, maybe 50%, or 25% if older. Back then, I’d low-ball myself and get it over with, rather than endure the wait or the haggling, although the latter was primarily Craigslist.

Nowadays, I simply give things away via our condo’s bulletin board, but then again, usually not something so significant, although the last one was a Canon scanner that new sells for $110, but I’ve had it for over 10 years.

PS, there are people here who use software that will likely solve your problem. I don’t use them, they are free open source software projects, but many people swear by them. Be patient, I imagine you will soon be hearing from them.

The dexcom website does specify OS wear watch in faqs.

There are some other ways to get display to watch, for example I use xDrip (installed on android phone), to get data to my ionic watch.

There are some watches that can show bg without needing phone nearby, not supported by dexcom.

Thank you so much for the info! :slight_smile:

A DC Supervisor called me back today. Results. Maybe someone else will find this useful b4 purchasing a watch.

Have Samsung Galaxy s10 phone. Just purchased a $250 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Couldn’t get DC on my watch even though phone and watch are linked. After multiple phone calls to Dexcom G6 Tech support-almost all with conflicting information, including Saturday when a DC tech told me yes, indeed, your watch will work but you have to load WEAR OS app on your phone. So I did that and still didn’t work. FINALLY got a definitive answer today from a DC Tech Supervisor. No. Watch you purchased won’t work-no matter what you do. Frustrated and angry since I don’t think there’s enough clear, in depth, understandable information-on DC website re: smart watches. Supervisor today pointed me to list of compatible Devices. Almost all is a list of phones. Didn’t see any actual watches listed. Today the supervisor told me watch info is actually within the WEAR OS tab on that list. Nowhere did it say that’s where you’ll find watch info. Only reason I bought a Smart Watch was to be able to use DC. I spent 250 on a watch I can’t use. DC said will provide no compensation so I can afford to purchase watch that works. Stuck…

Actually, I think that what they told you is not true, and tech support will not tell you what is necessary. I am surprised that none here have jumped in to help you with this. To do it without hacking, the watch needs to be running Wear OS - this is not an app, but a watch operating system - and since it doesn’t, and you can not install it, you need to use third party apps/tools to get it working. Also, don’t be daunted, many people swear by the tools like xDrip and NightScout.

Take a look at this, and see if anything sounds like it might work.

dexcom 6, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 - YouTube

I agree with jameslgoe to use xdrip and a Samsung watch widget that should solve your problem… although you pretty much use xdrip or the Dexcom app, not both or and… they will conflict… there are also many settings that may seem overwhelming at first, but its definitely worth it to try xdrip…

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