Ready to give up

I havent a confirmation but I am 99.9% sure that i have sjorgens. I am so devasted by finding this out. It all makes sense, my chronic sinus problems dry mouth dry eyes tingling and numbness in my hands and feet that I never hadtrouble swallowing and unusually soft skin, unable to cry, or sneeze. How do others cope with this condition. I am so done with all of this. Someone give me a reason why? I need alot of support right now. Thankyou :pray::sob:


Minor symptoms to live with compared to MS, Lupus or RA (other autoimmune diseases). I have all the symptoms you describe except for the tingling and numbness in the extremities. I use copious amounts of moisturizer, drink hot or iced tea through the day to keep hydrated, take a nice warm shower daily that loosens my “breathing apparatus,” and find interesting things to read and do throughout my days. You seem to be obsessing about your health. Be happy that this is painless and stop your circular thinking.

Well Im sorry as thid is fairly new. I am going to see my doctor about what’s happening. If it is true I will just have to manage this condition. I researched foods that are good for reducing inflammation
Like anything else you learn to live with it. My husband it very supportive.

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Dee, I know what it is like being diagnosed with just one more thing, while knowing that having diabetes is enough. I go through a period of time of being upset and shocked and then a period of adjustment. Like you, I have a very supportive husband who helps me with whatever I need to learn to live with.

It is ok to grieve until you adjust. You will be ok.

Hugs, Marilyn


@Dee_Meloche I just want to say that you’re allowed to grieve and be upset about this. Comparing what you’re going through to what others is going through is not productive. Once you get through the grieving process, you can work on being grateful and enjoying what you do have.

But for now, hold space for your grief. Feel your feelings, learn what you can, and eventually adjust to the new normal.

It’s okay to not be okay for now.



I have a cousin who has Sjögren’s (and she’s Swedish so she can say it properly). She has no other autoimmune conditions. My sense from her is that most cases can be treated easily, and more heavy-duty drugs or surgery are rare. She uses eye drops daily and makes sure she has water nearby or hard candies to keep her mouth moist. She’s never given any indication that it’s a big burden, and being around her you’d never guess she had it.

Here’s hoping your own case can be just as easily treated.


Thankyou so much for your inspirational message. If its sjogrens I have evrrything involved the hount pain numbness and digestion problems. I used to have dry eye disease but it was improved then on night I woke up and my throat was really dry and then my eyes. We went grocery shopping and I am goinh to make sime tuna salad with waterchestnuts and green onions. I bought some aavocado and a cucumber. I am going to do all I can in order to manage. Some people would chastise me and say that I should be in their shoes, that they have such and such. Thankyou for allowing me to grieve


Thankyou for your inspirational message. There still is no confirmation that it really is sjorgrins but I am pretty postive.

This condition is far from being painless. My chest tightens and my teeth ache. I get numbness in my feet. When my eyes are dry they burn.

Sounds to me like possibly oxygen deprivation. Are you still masking?

Oh, please.

It sounds like Dee is dealing with a real crisis. I hope it gets diagnosed and effectively treated.

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It’s a good idea to try to be supportive here.


Hi Dee,

I was diagnosed with Sjogrens in 2012 before I had diabetes. Sorry to hear you might have Sjogrens. A rheumatologist should be able to run some blood tests to see if you have it. After an adjustment period, you’ll be able to manage. In the meantime, eat slowly and don’t eat dry food like rice and meat without taking a sip of water with it or having a sauce. There are meds they can give you to help with the dryness like pilocarpine and restates for the eyes. It involves some more self care, but you can do this. Sometimes they put you on a medication like plaquenil. That actually helps a little with blood sugar. Stay up with your dental health as well. I went through a rough period with some dental issues but it is behind me now. I drink a lot of water and have chewed a lot of sugarless gum. Beware of medications that causes dryness too… I hope this helps. Best of luck to you.


Thank you so much. I am going to be determined to fight this. I have read alot about it. All i can hopeand pray is that I am wrong. :pray::latin_cross:

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If i have it it is the secondary type. It involves my whole body. Can you not be a little more supportive and understanding?:sob::pensive::sweat:

Hi Dee-
Definitely see a rheumatologist. While its terrible news to be diagnosed with yet another thing (so sorry to hear that!!!), at least this one is fairly treatable. My wife has it and she is on a biologic and is mostly symptom free (now). She still has a dry mouth, but I guess she’s gotten used to that part. She did have tremendous pain in her joints and lost a lot of movement in her right hand originally.

I believe she takes the biologic every 4 or 6 weeks. Its just a shot in her leg or belly fat. It is pricey, but we’ve found one that our insurance covers (there are several that all seem to work, for her, about the same).

Best of luck to you!


Do u drink decafinated tea

it’s actually good that you feel the way that you do . Being depressed means that you’re way through grieving the loss of your old “normal”. You don’t get depressed over things you haven’t accepted and moved past bargaining.

When I was diagnosed with T1D in the 70s it was presented to me with a prediction of degeneration to being blind and crippled, and dying early, as my father had been. My smart doctor never believed that a cure was “within 10 years”. I made the mistake of trying to force myself to acceptance, but without hope. It took me years to work through my suppressed grief as those feeling surfaced as I grieved for the loss of other things that were less personal.

The classic “stages” of grief are not absolutely sequential. Grief is not a process that ever has a nice clean start or end. Feelings are not caused by events. They are caused by how we think and the value we place on the personal we place on them,.

  • Shock. Feelings of “shock” are due to a change. The shock of grief isn’t the same as the shock from being startled or scared. The shock of grief is from a loss of something from our reality.
  • Denial. …
  • Anger. …
  • Bargaining. …
  • Depression. …
  • Acceptance and hope.
  • Processing grief

I know from experience that the last stage is actually two that have nothing in common: making needed changes and dealing with your feelings. Changes can be handled mechanically, feelings can’t.
Taking drugs, exercising, undergoing tests, therapy or surgery, can be done no matter how you feel about the reason for doing so.

My generic advice is the same as I give to everyone, whether suffering a loss or not. You need to find a way to express and share how you feel, through something you do, and/or by interacting with other people. Like talents, feelings are more valuable and productive when shared. Don’t bury yours.


I’m sorry, Dee. I had to google what this was - Sjorgens.

I’m relieved its not RA. I suppose this will be exhausting until you get the hang of it. At least you have a possible diagnosis and thus a possible road forward. Your an A+ diabetic patient, maybe you don’t have to be as knowledgable and vigilant of a Sjorgens patient. Maybe you can just be a C+ Sjorgens patient and let the Docs handle it.

You sound like a very smart man. I haven’t been diagnosed yet, still waiting 4 results of my blood test. I have symptoms have seemed to be gone for the most part. My mouth and teeth are still very sensitive but things are starting to taste better. I will be very surprised if those bloodtests come back positive.i am still a little worried. I will let the world know if they are negative. Btw, I love your outlook on life! Take care.:blush::heart: