Receiver turning off

I’ve had two instances in the past few days where my receiver has alarmed and then turned completely off. Today it happened while I was putting it back in my pocket. I just can’t believe that in error I accidentally pushed enough buttons to go through the menu to shut it off and approve the shutdown. Any ideas?

I’ve only been using the system for 1-1/2 weeks, so I’m definitely a rookie.

Static electricity will do that. There have been posts about it in the past.

I’d call Dexcom, their tech support is great.

There is no need to call. This is a common occurance. Just accept that it will happen every once in a while.

It happens to me too. Especially when I put it in my pocket. Tech support told me it will not harm the receiver or the data. I try to “cup” the receiver in my hand when I slide it back in my pocket to reduce or eliminate static electricity. Some times I am successful; other times not so successful. I live in the northeast where it has gotten more humid lately and I am having many fewer instances of the receiver “rebooting”.

Maybe I just got someone who didn’t know what they were doing but my receiver was doing this two or three times a day and Dex replaced it for me. It doesn’t hurt to call.

Tim’s has never done this, that I know of anyway. He keeps the skin on it, I wonder if that makes a difference? I’d still call Dexcom, what can it hurt to do so?

My receiver started doing that and in less than a week it popped up with a system error. As long as your under warranty (which at just 2 weeks you definitely are), they just overnight you a new receiver. Sometimes not being fully charged caused it for me too.

I’ll probably call Dexcom sometime this week. I always have the skin on it. Given that we’ve had rain almost every day for a month, I have a hard time thinking it’s static electricity. But it certainly sounds as though I’m not the only one this happens to.

So far I’m still amazed at the accuracy of the Dexcom compared to Medtronic. But I still can’t believe how big and clunky the receiver is. I like using the skin because it’s less apt to fall out of my pocket. But with its size and the tackiness of the skin, it doesn’t easily slide into my pockets. But I’m getting used to dealing with it.

Timsma, nice to see you here. How’s Tim doing?

Nice to see you here too! I just knew you’d like the dexcom’s accuracy over the MM cgm! There’s just no comparison for us, it’s that much better for Tim. Tim’s doing great! He’s still occasionally having seizures with lows, but, like always, we’re still working on him getting better with the overnight managing of it all. When it alarms him in the night he doesn’t always think clearly about the days activities and just goes with the recommended correction rather than doing a partial, or none at all (for the adrenaline highs). He’s taking on much more responsibility and doing pretty good with it all. I’m so impressed with him! He’s a senior now! Where does the time go?!?!?! We should meet up for lunch again sometime soon. I’d love to catch up with how you’ve been doing as well. PM me if interested.

I’ve had this happen to me occasionally also for me it’s static electricity.

It happened less frequently to me after Dexcom sent me a silicone skin for the receiver.

For me it’s a bit scary if it is static electricity. As I mentioned in my post above, we’ve been having rain almost everyday for the past month and it’s been very humid even when it’s not raining. I spend my winters in Arizona where humidity is almost non-existent. Similarly in Minnesota, the air is very dry throughout a lot of the winter. So that’s when I see static electricity being a problem.

But I’ll try the hint of cupping the Dexcom in my hand when I put it in or out of my pocket.

I find it very interesting that many people are still enraged at Minimed for the static problem they had in a pump about 10 years ago and everyone seems to be very accepting of this static problem in the Dexcom. Obviously a pump problem is much more severe than a CGMS problem, but if this problem is static electricity, I’m surprised Dexcom hasn’t fixed it by now.

I’m sorry you’re having those problems. I would really call Dexcom today and see what they have to say.

Melissa’s Dex was going to the intializing screen, is that what you mean? When I called they said it was static and that it wouldn’t harm anything, but that people had tried putting a fabric softener sheet in their pocket and that it works. I think that right after that, she started using the leather case instead and it hasn’t happened since. I took the stitching off so that there is no clip. It slides in and out of her pocket a lot easier now and i think that it is better protected than with the gels. Her pockets are pretty tight on most pants, so not much chance of it falling out! I really think that the gel skin is what causes the problem.

Mine has actually alarmed and then turned completely off. I restart it and it re-initializes. I don’t think that I am willing to start having a fabric softener sheet in my pocket, so I’ll have to figure out a case or pocket insertion technique. I’ll maybe look at taking the clip off the case as you did. The clip is so tight that I can’t clip it to anything anyway. I love my Dex, but I really miss pump integration.

I would give Dexcom a call to be sure that this is the same issue. Melissa’s never alarmed and we never had to restart it. You may have a problem because like you said, static should be a wintertime thing. I have been impressed by the customer service. The stitches are easy from the case with a seam ripper or hobby knife. We are looking forward to the integration with the Omnipod, if it ever happens. You could go with Animas when that gets here. Melissa wouldn’t wake up for any alarm just on the pump, so we need the Omnipod integration along with the extra alarm that we have hooked up for her. She would just put her PDM next to the alarm instead of the Dex like she does now.

I called Dexcom today and was told what everyone said here that it was static. I’m not totally convinced but she indicated that it could be static in my pocket unrelated to the humidity in the air. She did recommend that I start using the case instead of the gel skin. So I followed your instructions and used a seam ripper to take the clip off the case. Very easy except that I somehow cut my finger while doing it. Oh well, what’s a little more blood to someone with Type 1?

I actually find this case much easier for putting the Dex in and out of my pocket. The only thing that I don’t like about it is how the plastic case screen sticks to the Dex with a lot of blobs that look like there is moisture in there. Does Melissa’s case do that also?

I’m also doing something that might be considered neurotic, but works very well. I’m very worried about losing the Dex receiver with it falling out of my pocket. Many of my pockets aren’t as deep as I’d like, but it’s hard to find good pockets in women’s clothing. Right now I have the tubing for my pump going through the belt loop part of the Dex case. It really works quite well and is another advantage of tubed pumps. You’re not going to lose your pump (or Dex) if it’s attached to you.

My pockets are definitely very full with a phone, pump, Dex receiver, glucose tabs, and car keys. I really like cargo style pants and shorts, but I’m not allowed to wear them at work.

Thanks Mary and everyone else for the advice.

I must be as neurotic as you are, but what I did was take the strap from a camera and put it throught the loop on the end of the zipper of the case and then loop that through the loop on my pants. I hope you can understand what I mean cause it works for me!


They must be making the cases different now because Melissa’s doesn’t have a screen, just an opening that you can see the Dex screen through, like a window frame. If there is a plastic screen now, you could cut that out too, but don’t cut yourself this time, lol. There have only been a couple of times that I have seen the Dex starting to inch out of her pocket with the case on, so it is not something that I worry about. When she lost it twice with the clip on the case, I did attach a tie to her belt loop though.
Linda must also have a different case if it has a zipper on it, because Melissa’s has a snap!