Recommendation for Toronto Based OB

Hi everyone,

Looking to see what hospitals other women would recommend for delivering a baby?

I have type one diabetes and would like to know of Toronto based hospitals that have good OBs and delivery rooms etc. And that allow insulin pumps rather than IV insulin.

I’m going to be needing a VBAC ( vaginal delivery after c-section). So I would so value anyone whose had experience with a good OB in Toronto who does VBACs.

I’m open to Markham Stouffvile as well( actually would prefer it since it’s closer to me than downtown Toronto.

Thanks so much,

Melissa Shannon

Mount Sinai or McMaster Children's Hospital if that would be geographically plausible for you. :-) Good Luck.

McMaster is in Hamilton!

You might want to look at Woman's College Hospital in Toronto. Here's the link... Best wishes ♥

Thanks Chelsea!

Thanks Linda,

I think McMaster is far for me but I will check it out since both of you have mentioned it:)

Melissa Shannon

Oh and would you have a name of an OB you'd recommend from Women's College? Or McMaster?

Check out this ratings of OB/GYN doctors in Woman's College Hosp. in To.

3 other doctors (OB) have links at the bottom of that page.

I know the endo that would take over your care at McMaster would be Dr. Booth who comes highly recommended.

With McMaster you work with the maternal fetal medicine program and Dr. Booth is there endo.

For an OB I would recommend Dr. Barbara Brennan :)

Yes Linda, I am aware of Mac being in Hamilton. I just mentioned it because they have a very good maternal fetal medicine program. Its worth considering if it is geographically feasible.

Women from areas 1 – 2 hours away deliver there because their focus is on high risk pregnancies.

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Thanks again Linda,

It helps to know names... sometimes there are so many doctors at one hospital!

I will look into the distance from our home:)

Melissa Shannon

check out
there is a review from a D mom


one of her focuses is D in pregnancy