Recommendations for Diabetes Tracking Software?

I’m looking for good diabetes tracking software. I’ve had the tracking software from two different meter companies, but the age old problem is this; they don’t bother to upgrade their tracking software when a new windows OS comes out. Yes, I have an ancient machine that I keep XP on, but I’d like a better solution. I’m even willing to give up automatic upload of meter data for something that works and makes sense to use. The software from Abbott that came with my newest meter just flat out doesn’t work on Windows Vista or Windows 7, and the support folks there are less than helpful.

My latest try was SiDiary. Its not bad, but some of its user interface is counter-intuitive to me, especially the logbook page. What do you all use, and what do you like about it?

Being a software weenie, I’m getting ready to give up and write my own!

Hey Scott,

Being fairly technical myself, I always have my iphone with me. I downloaded the glucose buddy app. I really like it for tracking my BG’s. I believe it can be downoaded for ipod touch as well. It is simple and straight forward. All you entered information is stored on the iphone (or ipod touch). They just re impliment the graphs, but I don’t find that they have a whole lot of functionality. What I like the most is you upload all your entered readings whenever you like, this information is then viewable at Glucose buddy’s webpage. I hate logging and never did it before this app. So I think my doctors were less then happy to see me whenever I came for my scheduled visit. With this app I just upload my logs and log onto GB for the doctor to have a look and do his analysis.

If you have an iphone or ipod touch I recommend this Glucose Buddy.

I am running Co-Pilot successfully on 64-bit Vista – you were the one who talked me through the driver installation. I’ve had no problems with the software (just have to remember which USB port to install the cable, and “OK” to run it because it doesn’t have a Vista-approved signature).

I noticed that there’s a new alpha out for GNU GlucoControl, so you may want to look at that over at Source Forge – but at version 0.4, I don’t expect it to have a full suite of features – and I don’t know which OS’s Andy and his crew are supporting.

Have you tried printing anything out of Co-Pilot?
I went to print something, and the program exploded.
Calling Abbott, the response was we don’t run on Vista.
So we can get data in, but can’t get it out :slight_smile:

Hi Scott !

I am using my “own” software called GGC ( It is written in java and runs on lot of OSes and it’s free. If its good you will have to decide yourself… We are currently supporting about 30 different devices (I am not 100% sure about number, but we support quite a few). Take a look and let me know… If you have any idea what new to add just let me know… If you are programmer your welcome to help develop it too…

Take care,

No problem printing off Vista. Did it for my Doctor’s appt back in October.

We support all OSes which can run Java, for main application (you need at least version 1.5 of java). Support of hardware depends on OS too. We can access Serial/USB devices on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac. For other OSes you need to find special drivers for library we use. Currently Blue Tooth devices are supported only on Windows and Linux. Most of functionalities work, not all are 100% tested, but we fix any bug found by any users, thus making it more stable… I am using Pump Tool mostly now and this is actively extended and fixed, Pen/Injection functionalities are mostly tested, since they exist the longest.


I also go the Ipod/Ipod route, using GlucoseBuddy for food/activity/etc, and then the Carelink website on the PC side to upload my meter/pump info. The Carelink CSV file I then upload to my own web app created by a friend, or lately to GlucoseSurfer has a very intuitive and sophisticated graphing system, and can read both the Carelink csv, and the GlucoseBuddy csv file, so I can have all of the info in one place. The benefit of this system is that I do not have to enter any of the blood sugar readings or temporary basals, as it is already in the pump, and only enter the food and activity.

Good luck, and I’m sure you will find a system that is right for you.


I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a project on Sourceforge already…

There are several diabetes related projects, but most of them are orphaned (nobody working on them), and some are very specific. There are also free c++ libraries to connect to meter devices there, but they are little old… Take a look. Friend of mine started project in .NET (or rather Mono), that handles mostly imports from some devices (Animas pump, some OT meters, some graph), its called MonoGluceosis, you can try that too… Problem is that most of projects are dead. GGC and MonoGluceosis are only one that are in active development… If anybody wants to help, you are welcome…


I use OneTouch. I called them up and they sent me a free mini. My DR gave the software and the cable. So i have two meters that load in the data into the software under one user. Kinda nice but the software is a little clunky. Good news is that the file is a MDB or “MS Access” file and I have written my own queries and reports that are what i wanted vs. what was provided.

New update just came out this week. You can access your account via the web or through iPhone or Touch. I emailed them about a Mobile version so I can upate via my Blackberry. I will let you know if I get a RE.

I used to use OneTouch and in my opinion, calling the software ‘clunky’ is charitable. I noticed that the data is stored in MS Access. I think CoPilot uses MS Access too. But when I try to get at the data directly, I got asked for a password I didn’t have. How did you get around that?

It would seem to make sense for a group like this to develop a decent tracking software? I haven’t looked around at too many software offerings, but the ones I have seen all have a different interface, steep learning curve and always leave me with the thought in the back of my head “do I wan’t to invest the time in this only to have them stop developing and have my hard earning data trapped in their proprietary format?”.

If the learning curve is steep, most people just won’t use it and the key the future development is always demand. Nobody wants to spend time updating software that a few dozen people are using. AND look at all the guinea pigs we have here on TuDiabetes (myself included). A great place to gather ideas, suggestions and past experiences with other software.

I have an Android 2.1 phone (HTC Desire), so I recently downloaded OnTrack Diabetes from the Android Market, and I’m reasonably happy with that. There’s also Track3 Diabetes Planner for the Android, but so far I prefer OnTrack. It can export data to CSV, HTML or XML files, and can backup and restore to the SD card. It also has a built-in graphing function on the phone. I like that I can always have the app with me because it’s in my phone. And it was free.

I’ve tried most of the iPhone bg tracking apps, and they’re not all terrible…but it’s sometimes a pain when the app crashes. I’m actually building my own where I can just text message in my bg after I check it and it’ll auto update my profile page and text me back with my average bg of the week…anyone interested in trying it out? :slight_smile:

What we really need is open data so that I can use any meter and any software together whether it is on my phone, the web or my desktop.

I use a really great program that maps it all out and can do levels up to ten years, its free and you can print out bar graphs and all that other great stuff. Check it out!

I just got the Bayer Contour USB and so far its pretty cool, if they add the ability to export to CSV format to import to ill be very happy!!

You got one for android phones? =)