Replacing transmitter batteries

We have been trying to replace dexcom5g transmitter batteries. I live in Ontario, Canada. Is it different in Canada. The batteries we put in are the correct voltage and they are brand new. What is the secret? Does dexcom put some kind of glitch in their software so people can’t change them? How long are the transmitters guaranteed to run for?

u can use xDrip w/o resetting, but to use dexcom s/w with xmitters that have had their batteries replaced, you have to follow the guide

The warranty for Dexcom transmitters in Canada has slightly different wording then the US warranty.

Basically the same at 90 days (G5/G6) but some minor differences.

Check your Dexcom user guide for the precise language.

Replacing the batteries in a transmitter is not easy. Clearly some people do it. I consider them quite skilled. :slight_smile:

I am new to Dexcom. My transmitter is 90 days old. I have not received my new transmitter from Dexcom yet.
I just got an alert on my receiver that my transmitter battery is good for 22 more days?
I thought the transmitters were only good for 90 days?

it will go longer than 90 days. On day 105, that will be the LAST DAY that you can restart (or start) a sensor. That is the critical day and if you miss it by even on minute, you can’t restart and so day 105 is the end for you. Total time to run the xmitter with Dexcom G5 is 112 days.

It’s criminal that the batteries are not easily replaced - IMHO

I messed up my first transmitter trying to replace the batteries.
But I replaced the batteries on the second transmitter a few times.
I obviously was running Xdrip the entire time on “extended battery life.”
After I did the battery swap, I think it’s fairly easy. You just have to make SURE the connections are good and you have good voltage.

Tell that to all the major phone manufacturers and Apple products in general. Can you change the battery yourself in an iPhone or Macbook Pro or Mac Air…need I go on?

How do you propose to keep the transmitter the same size keep it WATERPROOF, AND have a user-replaceable battery? Have you got some magical technology to do that?

I can change the battery in my galaxy smartphone in 5 seconds -

How is a tiny fenix E01 or E05 led light Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard, 2 meters for 30 minutes - it takes an aaa battery - just as easily could be a tiny battery

It is not magical tech - it’s in a multitude products right now -

It’s childs play quite frankly - need I go on?

What about waterproof watches where the owner can change the battery - no bigger then the transmitter

they just want to bleed us dry

all you need is a little panel that has a seal

You can’t compare FDA approved devices like a CGM with the devices that you mentioned regarding waterproofing. I’ve had phones that I could change the batteries in, but now the batteries are sealed in the new phones. Let’s not go back 5 years to try to make a point shall we?

Geez, sounds really simple. Why don’t you just build one along with a sensor and receiver, get it FDA approved and start selling it. If you can do it, you will be swamped with orders and the financial community will tell you these are good business problems to have while your customers on these boards call you a criminal, money hoarder, you just want to bleed people dry, don’t care about your customers, while you frantically establish a global network scaling your company to the next level due to orders beyond your wildest dreams. Sound like Dexcom?

The solution for not being bled dry is to not use the products because they are what they are and you know that going in

Duh, it’s already invented - just make the battery easier to change -

The next G7 will eliminate this. The sensor + transmitter will be one unit, similar to freestyle libre.

Dexcom G7 2020

So they copied the Libre 2 which is in Europe now - well done dex