Replacing transmitter batteries


We have been trying to replace dexcom5g transmitter batteries. I live in Ontario, Canada. Is it different in Canada. The batteries we put in are the correct voltage and they are brand new. What is the secret? Does dexcom put some kind of glitch in their software so people can’t change them? How long are the transmitters guaranteed to run for?


u can use xDrip w/o resetting, but to use dexcom s/w with xmitters that have had their batteries replaced, you have to follow the guide


The warranty for Dexcom transmitters in Canada has slightly different wording then the US warranty.

Basically the same at 90 days (G5/G6) but some minor differences.

Check your Dexcom user guide for the precise language.

Replacing the batteries in a transmitter is not easy. Clearly some people do it. I consider them quite skilled. :slight_smile: