Request for support

My thoughts and prayers are with you all, Debb - I am sorry for the pain you are feeling, but will help you rejoice the freedom from pain your mother has been granted. Peace and blessings to you all.

You and your family our in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I know there is not much i can say except my condolences on your loss. I know what is like to lose your mother. Big hugs and thoughts to you.

My love and hugs and prayers are with you all. I too understand how hard it is to let go of your Mother. Peace be with you.

Thinking of you Debb & of your family.Loss of a mother is a great loss that will never be forgotten.

Debb…thanks for sharing that. Aren’t you so lucky to have been there? I love that you mother was able to have been so comforted by her family.

For many, there is enough “warning” that they intend to pass for them to have a last “goodbye” – a place to gather one’s emotional strength and everyone’s love and best wishes – to gather that final bit of Power necessary to make the transition. There is also a saying that people, in general, do not die when other people are watching them (particularly, when their loved ones are watching them). I understand about feeling someone passing; it has happened to me as well. It is one of the great mysteries for me that the time between the time of death, and the time I feel the passing, is usually 18 minutes – the number represented in Hebrew by the word “life”.